Boys Sunsuit Short Sleeves Sun Protection Swimwear UV Block UPF50+ Navy Lime (Chlorine Resistant)

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Ecostinger provides a fine quality fabric in its swimsuits that renders extra comfort at all times, also protecting the skin from unwanted and harmful sun radiations. The Boys Sun Protection Swimwear Sunsuit Short Sleeves Navy Lime is among its bestsellers—a popular choice among young buys who like to explore the outdoors without inhibitions! For those who love to indulge in swimming or any sorts of water sports on a regular basis, it comes as a true blessing. Not just it is available in fashionable colors, and is perfectly stretchable but it also provides a comprehensive protection against >97.55 of the sun UVA and UVB radiation with its UPF50+ UVA fabric. Owing to its great elasticity, it also makes a perfect option for gym freaks.


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4 Reviews

Anne F 12th Apr 2017

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no comments

Jeanette B 3rd Apr 2017

looking forward to trying these out

looking forward to trying these out

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