Girls Sun Protection Swimwear Full Body Stinger Suit UPF50+ Navy Lime (Chlorine Resistant)

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From professional divers to amateur swimmers and the typically outdoorsy folks, Ecostinger brings the best of SPF clothing, like Girls Sun Protection Swimwear Full Body Stinger Suit Navy Lime. Made for contemporary and stylish girls, this UV-shielding swimwear suits all skin types. The trick lies in the use of a special, Chlorine Resistant fabric. Very pliable and almost immune to abrasions and creasing, the UV Swimsuit is rough and tough and can be worn repeatedly without any maintenance requirements.The soft fabric feels great on your skin, almost inconspicuous due to its innovative composition. Manufactured with eco-friendly practices, these high-performance swimsuits are breathable and allow the sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping you cooler even in hot days. You also get added protection against common sea issues like jellyfish stings or sea lice.


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