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Ecostinger is a unique eco-friendly sun protection swimwear and UV protective clothing business catering to customers from around the world. Our experience in the sun protection industry expands over 9 years. Not only we produce the best quality sun protection garments you can find in USA, Australia, Europe or worldwide, but we also use the best sun protection fabrics featuring UPF50+ UV cover (highest industry rating which blocks >97.5% of the sun's UV radiation), Italian made, and chlorine resistant proof; but we do not stop here, in fact we made it our mission to take into consideration the environment when producing and offering our Sun Clothing range.

We are proud to be the first sun protection swimwear company producing this unique combination of UV protection clothing and Green products concept, where your individual sun protection needs are satisfied with an exclusive product made to safe guard the environment you live in. EcoStinger sun protection products are tested for UV cover, and verified to provide EXCELLENT U.V. PROTECTION which blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation.

Equipped with 9 years experience in the sun protection clothing industry, we started our mission with the aim of providing protective clothes for women and men who have potential to develop skin damage from UV radiation or been diagnosed with skin cancer, but quickly realized after research, that most sun damage happens before the age of 15, so we extended our range to cover all sizes starting from age 2.

There were several factors to consider when developing our sun wear collection; Which fabric is suitable for our mission? How to make our products green and eco-friendly – after all it is global warming affecting the climate change and exposing earth to the sun UV radiation–?

Not all factors related to skin cover-ups, in fact some of the feedback we received during our research was whether our sun protection swimwear gear can improve the body figure or enhance performance!

We found the answer to most of the feedback we received by creating a high performance chlorine resistance one piece sunblock swimsuit.

But we did not stop there, instead we extended our styles to include two pieces swimsuits, such as rash guard and swim shorts or surf shirt and swim tights.

When shopping for sun protection clothing, swimsuit cover-ups, and sun hats consider the following:

1. EcoStinger® fabric is tested and verified to offer the highest sunblock rating (blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation).

2. EcoStinger® fabric is made in Italy with superior characteristics; Chlorine Resistant proof; Excellent 2 way stretch and recovery; Fashionable colors; Breathable: release body heat and sweat; Water repellent; Soft - feels like second skin; Quick drying; Lasting colors.

3. EcoStinger® try hard to produce sun protective clothing that are Green and Eco-Friendly; preserving the environment we all share has become a necessity and we are proud to be committed to this project.

4. EcoStinger® styles, designs and colors are made for many uses such as swimming, surfing, boating, jet skying, cycling, jogging, sailing, fishing, all type of outdoor sports and hobbies. Designs provide excellent uv skin protection features, yet fashionable and comfortable enough to cater for all body shapes, personal needs and different use.


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