Ordering FAQ

Can I order by phone or mail order?
YES, we accept phone or mail orders within USA. Call Linda on +1 307-207-3930 (Weekdays only 9AM to 5PM USA Eastern Time).

What payment options do you accept?
EcoStinger accept most major card payments by Braintree, Stripe, Paypal and GPay;
Visa/MasterCard/Diners/Amex/Discover/JCB and Paypal and GPay.

I have a problem with my order! what should i do?
If you have a problem with your order details, or wish to make any changes before your order is processed, simply call +1 307-207-3930, or email us on info(@)ecostinger.com or use our contact us form, you can also message us on social networks at facebook.com/ecostinger and instagram.com/ecostinger; We will answer your inquiry promptly.

I would like to cancel or return my order:
We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can cancel your order before we process and ship or return your order for a refund within 30 days of receiving your package (postage cost if any non refundable). For more information visit EcoStinger Return page.

Sizing information:
For best fit and correct sizing information we recommend following our SIZING TABLES. Please check how to measure diagram as well for guidance.

Shipping and Return FAQ

Do you offer Free shipping?
Yes EcoStinger offer FREE shipping on orders >$49USD within USA and Worldwide destinations. Free shipping uses ground and economy airmail delivery options.

What shipping options do you offer?
1. USA : Free shipping, Ground and Expedited.
2. International : Free shipping, Regular and Expedited.

How long is shipping and estimated delivery time?
Allow at least 24 hours before order is processed, plus delivery time as per shipping option you select when checking out, estimated delivery below does not include weekends:

- Free shipping: 9 to 12 days;
- Ground: 7 to 10 days;
- Expedited: 4 to 6 days;
Delivery to APO/FPO and Non-Contiguous USA addresses may take longer to deliver; Expedited shipping not available to P.O.Boxes!

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Qatar:
- Free Shipping: 12 to 14 days;
- Regular: 8 to 12 days:
- Expedited: 4 to 6 days;
Delivery to remote areas may take longer to deliver; Expedited shipping not available to P.O.Boxes!

Rest of the World:
- Free Shipping: 12 to 16 days;
- Regular: 9 to 12 days;
- Expedited: 4 to 6 days;
Delivery to remote areas may take longer to deliver; Expedited shipping not available to P.O.Boxes!

Do you accept return or exchange?
Yes. Return product/s in ORIGINAL condition within 30 days from receiving your package for exchange or refund (postage cost if any non-refundable). If exchange is requested, new item/s are shipped using ground or economy airmail.

Do I need return authorization number and where do I return products?
NO. you don't need a return authorization number. Simply return product/s with a note for a refund or exchange including exchange size if necessary to return address below or as printed on packing slip included with your package:

13884 154th Place North
Jupiter, FL 33478

Asia Pacific:
31 Hilltop Road
Merrylands, NSW 2160


General FAQ

Where can I buy EcoStinger products?
EcoStinger products are available online at www.ecostinger.com  - Amazon - Ebay and other affiliate sites.

Does EcoStinger products provide sun protection cover?
Yes, EcoStinger products provide EXCELLENT UV PROTECTION, which blocks >97.5% of the sun UVA and UVB radiation. The highest rating achievable is UPF50+

Do EcoStinger suits provide warmth?
EcoStinger full body swimsuits and sunsuits provide some warmth to a certain extent, however they are more suitable for summer and water temperature around 20°C or 70°F and above; For deep diving and cold waters we recommend rubber or thick neoprene type of diving suits.

Are EcoStinger suits buoyant?
The main function for EcoStinger products is to provide sun protection, however our suits fit like second skin which can provide muscle compression, enhance performance and may help buoyancy.

Does EcoStinger offer chlorine resistant swimwear products?
Yes, EcoStinger products include Chlorine proof swimsuit products, fabric retain its colors and elasticity when used in chlorinated and sea waters. For insulating the skin against chlorine we recommend other products such as rubber made wetsuits.

What is the difference between Stinger suits, Skin Suits, Dive Skins, sunsuits and full body cover swimsuits?
There is no difference. Stinger suits are also called Dive skins, full body cover swimsuits, sunsuits, and stingers as they are called in Australia. All refer to the same one piece swimsuits that can be used for swimming and other water sports.

What are EcoStinger suits used for?
EcoStinger suits can be used for swimming, diving, sailing, water skiing, snorkeling, surfing, and all type of water sports and beach activities. These suits can also be used for all outdoor recreation and sports such as cycling.

Where can EcoStinger suits be used?
Ecostinger suits can be used in warm and lukewarm waters, in chlorinated pools, sea and lake waters, and any outdoor events when protection against the sun UV radiation is needed.

What is the difference between EcoStinger suits and other suits?
Simply put, Fabric and Quality. EcoStinger only uses high quality fabrics which have lasting colors, superb elasticity and shape retention, in addition to UV protection and protecting the skin against Jellyfish, Sea Lice and Sandfly.

What fabric does EcoStinger use?
EcoStinger uses PBT/Polyester fabric (Chlorine Resistant) which is a wrap knitted Polyester yarn. Fabric has a silky soft touch; quick drying; allow breathability; Oeko‐tex certified; chlorine proof; piling resistance; stretches 2 ways; perfect fit; and conform to body shape. Fabric is suitable for swimwear and other extreme sportswear.

What is thickness of EcoStinger fabric?
EcoStinger fabric is not measured by thickness, since fabric is light weight and similar to traditional swimwear material such as LYCRA and SPANDEX, only with different compositions and superior characteristics. Correct fabric measurements are by weight/volume which is 170g/m2 (170 gram per square meter) for the PBT fabric.

Are EcoStinger suits suitable for diving?
Yes, EcoStinger suits are suitable for diving in warm and lukewarm waters. As for cold waters we recommend thick wetsuits made of neoprene and rubber which provide insulation for the skin.

Are EcoStinger products Eco‐friendly?
Yes EcoStinger is proudly pro‐environment and eco‐friendly business. We truly believe that CO2 and gas emissions are causing damage to the earth we all share. We do our best to minimize wastage and we only invest in durable and lasting fabrics which can be used for several years, hence minimizing wastage and helping the environment.

Fabric Care information!
For best fabric care follow EcoStinger fabric care instructions

I still need to speak to someone for more information!
If you still need more information, please email info(@)ecostinger.com and we will answer promptly in a timely matter. Alternatively you can send us your inquiry using our contact us page.