UPF50+ UV protection blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation - Protect your skin against jellyfish stingers and sea lice - Italian made fabric with silky soft feel on skin - Chlorine resistant preserving colors and elasticity longer than all other traditional swimwear fabrics - Light weight and release sweat keeping skin cool in hot weather - Satisfaction Guarantee

What is stinger swim suit? Stinger suits, also known as stingers or dive skins are commonly made out of thin elastic fabric such as Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester or PBT. Stinger suits can be used on their own in warm and lukewarm waters for swimming, diving or extreme water sports, ...more

What is dive skin swim wear? Dive skins also known as stinger suits, sunsuits, UV suits, or full body cover swimsuits are the lightest of all suits; they come in different styles including built-in hood, and soft bra support for women just to name a few, ...more

what is full body cover swimsuit? This style is the ultimate design for sun protection, due to the long sleeves, long legs, and high neck features. Your family will be better protected against UVA and UVB radiation and stinger fish when wearing full body swimsuit coverups, ...more

what is sun protective swimwear? Wearing normal swimwear may not protect you from the sun UV radiation when on the beach; It is very important to make sure the type of swimwear you use have been tested and verified to offer the highest rating of UPF50+, ...more

what is jellyfish swimsuit? Jellyfish swimsuit or as called in many parts of the world Stinger swimsuit is a full body cover swim suit that cover the all body parts including arms and legs. This is the ultimate full suit providing skin protection against jellyfish, sea lice and also protect against the sun UV radiation, ...more

Important sun protection health note
Seek shade at all time and avoid sun-tanning; A suntan may look nice but it may cause skin damage; Apply sunscreen on visible skin whenever possible, and make sure you use sunscreen spf with 30+ or more; Wear UV protected clothes when outdoor, including a sun hat. When on the beach wear sun protection swimwear suits all the time to prevent sunburn and skin damage which can cause skin cancer. Check spots regularly on your skin and seek dermatologists advise if necessary.

What people say about EcoStinger?
Chris L : I am back from Nicaragua and your product performed as advertised. No sunburn even in intense midday sun and for serious body surfing it worked great! No problems with the zipper, stretching, fit, tearing, ...more

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