Men Sunsuit Short Sleeves Bodysuit UV Protection Swimwear UPF50+ Black Blue (Chlorine Resistant)


The Ecostinger Men Swimwear Range offers high-performance swim suits for men. The Men UPF50+ Sun Protective Sun Suit Short Sleeves Black Blue gives you the freedom to swim or indulge in water sports even in chlorinated water as this chlorine-resistant characteristic keeps the swimmer’s skin safe from the harmful effects of chlorine. The Chlorine resistant fabric of this swimsuit protects your body and the inclusion of UPF50+ UV cover ensures sun protection by blocking 97.5% of UVA and UVB radiation. While indulging in beach fitness activities or swimming in sea water, it safeguards you from box jellyfish, sea lice and other sea creatures too.

Protection: UPF50+ blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation, protect against Jellyfish Stingers, Sea Lice and Sandfly;
Water Temperature: Suitable for warm and lukewarm water temperature 20°C / 70°F, also can be used in colder waters and heated pools;
Weather Effect: Fabric is light weight and breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather, perfect use during hot and mild weather conditions;

53% Polyester/47% PBT, Chlorine Resistant;
Weight: 170gsm (lighter than most traditional swimwear fabric);
Strength: Extremely durable with excellent stretch and recovery functions;
Fabric care: Preferred cold water hand wash, if machine wash use cold water only.


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