I simply wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your full body suits are. As fair skinned people living in Hawaii we understand the power of the sun. It might be fine to get pink during a week long vacation but it's a totally different story to be pink year round. These suits SAVE us in the water. We used to come home with lobster-red backs and necks from snorkeling or kayaking (even with a reapplication of sunblock). Now we make sure we are wearing our suits and we come home able to enjoy our evening instead of slathering ourselves in aloe. l vacillated between the full suit without a hood and the hooded one - then decided to go full goofball and bought the pink/navy one with the hood. Do I look goofy? Of course! Do I get a painful sunburn on my neck or ears? Nope. Does my long hair escape and tangle in front of my mask to obscure my view? Nope. Does my long hair get tangled in my mask strap? Nope. Does my long hair get caught in my armpits while I freestyle out to the reef? Nope. And for the record, that totally happens and is not comfortable. Thank you for the comfortable, lightweight, easy to put on, sun shielding, jellyfish sting preventing, reef rash preventing suits you make. Our family may be the goofiest looking on the beach, but we aren't fools! Cancer protection is more important than fashion! Rebecca W.

I ordered these last summer. shipping took some time. We used them for the first time yesterday and they were beyond excellent. My children get overheated and uncomfortable in traditional uv rash vests. They had an absolute blast in these suits protected fully in a breathable material. I kept asking my 5 year old was he hot and he kept playing and saying no. Il be buying the next size up for my oldest child for next summer soon. Excellent product will be recommending. Our beaches will be full of jelly fish soon I hope they are as good then. CD.

I am a committed customer for many years now. Your UV protection womens full body swim suits work on all levels: protects me in lap pools and open water from everything your description says it should, fabulous material that holds up to chlorine, hard exercise and even weight loss (the material just followed my body changes without me having to buy another size!). I’ve had lots of interest in these suits, and just point to the EcoStinger logo. I tell them: “go online here. Tiffany T.

EcoStinger is an international sun protection swimwear business producing excellent quality products with UPF50+ UVA and UVB sunblock; Made for individual and professional needs with exceptional features and value; perfect body fit; Protection against Jellyfish stingers, sea lice and other sea creatures; Chlorine and Salty waters resistant fabric which function perfectly in chlorinated pools and oceans without losing elasticity and colors; Fashionable colors and design suitable for all members of the family; Fast delivery worldwide.

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