Girls Sunsuit One Piece Sun Protection Swimwear UPF50+ Navy Lime (Chlorine Resistant)

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Ecostinger constantly strives to bring new sun-shielding swimsuit styles for girls that are comfortable and protective against sun. The Girls Sun Protection Swimwear Sunsuit Navy Lime is made from a lightweight fabric. This breathable fabric allows the body to sweat, keeping it cool even on the hottest days!This high-performance swimsuit in navy lime provides protection from the sun due to its UPF50+ UV cover protection. The swimwear can effectively block 97.5% of the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation, which are very harmful for the skin. The light fabric is extremely strong and can offer protection against small sea creatures while enjoying competitive swimming. Designed to act as a perfect blend of form and function, this UV-protected swimwear for girls can be easily worn while enjoying beach fitness activities, boating, lap swimming or while indulging in water aerobics.


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4 Reviews

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