Girls Sunsuit One Piece UV Protection Swimwear UPF50+ Navy Blue (Chlorine Resistant)

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In most cases, it is a common notion that while going for beach swimming, you cannot be stylish and comfortable at the same time, but Girls UV Protection Swimwear Sunsuit Navy Blue discards this notion. Offering unparalleled shielding against the dangerous UV rays, this high-performance swimsuit keeps your skin healthier by offering protection against sun-induced damages like patches, discoloration, or melanomas. Ecostinger is the leading manufacturer of SPF and UV protective apparel for men and women. The girls UV protection swimwear sunsuit navy blue is yet another offering that matches the standard set by them. Its global popularity lies in the premium fabric, while the sporty styling makes it a perfect for women who love to enjoy water aerobics and beach fitness activities. Highly stretchable fabric ensures easy body movements when participating in water fitness activities or lap swimming. The front zipper composition ensures ease of wearing.


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4 Reviews

Anonymous Customer 14th Sep 2016

thanks for the discount it helped

thanks for the discount it helped

Anonymous Customer 31st Jul 2016

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