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What Are The Health Risks Associated With Wearing Tight Clothing

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Most people especially women like to wear tight clothes to look better, slim, younger, and stunning… but what are its effects on the body health? 

The disadvantages of wearing tight clothes are much more than its advantages. Wearing tight garments all day will damage our skin during the days because the skin will not breathe well and this may lead to skin infections like yeast infections which if treated quickly will cause skin disease. Wearing tight clothes may cause difficulty in breathing and abdominal pain from the pressure on our stomach. The tight paints and tight slim jeans will cause tingling thigh syndrome also the low waist tight ones will cause back pain. There are several other side effects like acne, heartburn, headache , acid reflux and blurred vision. Also girdles like corset, belt sand even spandex and compression undergarments can cause health problems too.

Tight jeans can cause a testicular torsion for men. A recent survey of 2,000 British men conducted by TENA Men, which makes garments for men with bladder problems, showed that one in 10 men have had discomfort from wearing skinny jeans, the Telegraph reported. Half of those men said they had problems with their groin, while over a quarter of them had bladder trouble. One in five had a twisted testicle!

Also the tight ties may be a reasons for a stroke because the circulation in the neck will not function well

If people don't take into considerations these facts and keep wearing tight clothes everyday it may lead at some point to permanent damage; so always keep in mind what to wear which should keep the circulation of blood flowing.

Its good to be trendy and fashionable but not in a way to harm our body health so choose clothes and fabric that will keep your skin and blood circulation healthy and fit. We need air circulating over the body to stay cool, so tight clothes with fabric that doesn’t breathe well will trap both sweat and hot air near the skin, leading to rapid overheating; If can't avoid wearing tight clothing than choosing light weight fabric that allows the skin to breathe and let air or water to penetrate is the safer option especially in hot weather conditions. If the right fabric is selected in summer, you will be surprised to find out that some long sleeves and full trousers can provide more cooling than an open T-shirt and shorts that comprises the wrong fabric composition.

The top five fabrics for hot and humid weather according to Irina McCreadie (October 2013) are: Rayon, Viscose, Cotton, Silk and micro fiber Polyester which allows skin to breathe and release sweat.

Stay cool in summer, keep your skin breathing, and avoid fabric compositions that can cause skin and body heat problems.

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