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Bathing Swim Suits UV Protective UPF50+

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Its summer in many parts of the world and many people are going to pools and onto the beaches to enjoy this perfect weather. They carry all the essential with them that include, sunglasses, bathing swim suits, suntan lotion, a towel and maybe a surfing board. All these things are important in order to have a good time at the beach or pool. Some of the things that we carry like bathing swim suits have a history on their own which developed over the years. 

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What are bathing swim suits

These are clothes made for people who like to be involved in water based activities. The water based activities could be swimming, surfing, diving, sunbathing and snorkeling, also keeping the body warm and protecting the skin in treacherous water or competing in water sports. Bathing swim suits come in different sizes and types depending on the gender and age of the wearers. Bathing swimsuits in Europe are referred to as swimwear as opposed to the US where they are called swimsuits.

History of bathing swimsuits

In the olden days, men and women never used to use bathing suits. They would swim in the rivers, lakes and oceans nude. There are Roman murals that portray this kind of lifestyle. Later through the years people were still swimming in the nude and there were some people who were using loincloths to cover their genitalia. This was mostly seen in the Japanese culture.

Throughout time slowly and slowly women have been dawning bathing swimsuits when they wanted to go swimming. They would wear either one-piece or a two-piece bathing suit.

In 1860, the practice of men swimming naked was prohibited in the UK. They were told to wear Drawers or Calecons when they are going to be involved in water based activities. The women during this time were wearing bathing gowns. The gowns had weights sewn into the hems so that they will not rise up in the water, and were made of fabric that wouldn’t become transparent when in the water. 

In the 19th century, the men swimming clothes looked like long underwear as they had long sleeves and legs. On the other hand, the women’s swimming costume was a double suit that was made up of a gown from shoulder to knee plus a set of trousers that went down to the ankles.

In the 20th century, women wore one-piece suits called the Annette Kellerman. These were form fitting swimsuits that were opposed in the beginning but later became popular. They fully covered the arms, body and legs but in the subsequent years they started exposing arms, then legs up to the mid thighs and the top of the bosom.

In 1950, there was a big revolution due to glamour photography which showed women in swimsuit photos. The lower part of the bikini would cover up high enough to reach the navel and over the years the bikini shrank in all ways until it only covers the nipples and genitalia. 

Bathing Swimsuits types

There are three types of bathing swimsuits and they are unisex, women and men.Unisex bathing suits include Rash guard; wet and dry suits; drag suits and racing suits. These kinds of bathing swimsuits are used mostly for sports and mainly in surfing, deep sea diving and snorkeling Women bathing suits include one piece; bikini; tankini; monokini; and burqini The men bathing suits are swim briefs, trunks, square cut swim trunks, jammer, board shorts and fundoshi.

Bathing swimsuits styles

There are various swimsuits styles available to choose from. The bathing swim suit styles differ from each other either from the top or from the bottom. The only unique swimsuit style that is the same is the one-piece swim suits which is also available in sun protection version that protect the skin against the sun UVA and UVB radiation blocking over 98% of the UV rays. 

The swimsuit styles that are different based on the tops are bikinis, triangle top, halter, bandeau, tankini, underwire tops and sport tops. For the bottoms, the various swimsuit styles that are available to choose from are: the full bottoms, Brazilian bottoms, thongs, hipster bottoms. Scoop bottom, high waist bottom, skirted bottoms and boy short.

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