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What is a Scuba Diving Wetsuit?

Posted by ecostinger on

The scuba diving wetsuit is available in a variety of forms, types and options. For extreme conditions that are very cold, you may want to consider a dry suit, where you can wear thermal protection underneath the suit to help stay warmer when diving. Alternatively you can consider puchasing a full length suit, even a shorty suit if you will be diving in warmer conditions. Even temperate waters will cause the body to lose body heat and may force you to cut your dive short, and in effect spoiling you time taken to go diving.

What one has to realize is that the body maintains the optimal body temperature around the core or torso area where all the main and vital organs are located. After the heat is maintained around this area, only then will the body start heating up the extremities of the arms, hands, legs and feet. Hence the full wetsuit will enable you to maintain a more even body temperature, spread across the body. This is ideal for slightly colder waters, whilst the shorty wetsuit would be better suited to more warmer or even tropical waters, when out scuba diving.

Some people prefer the shorty scuba diving wetsuit, as they feel the suit allows for more flexibility than the full length one, or what some people refer to as the steamer suit, it really comes down to personal choice at the end of the day, and whichever you feel more comfortable in would be the best recommendation for you.

Should you regularly dive in a variety of different locations, then perhaps the so called detachable scuba diving wetsuit might be the right option for you. The detachable type is typically a full sized suit, with detachable arms and legs, which basically convert into a shorty type suit. You could detach the legs and leave the arms on or vice versa, and effectively have a suit that caters for all conditions, and in accordance with your preferences too.

Bear in mind that the scuba diving wetsuit also offers protection when diving, from both stings as well as scrapes and bumps that occur when diving around coral and rocks, this is why some people also prefer the full sized suit, to afford them that protection. This also in turn affords a bit of protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The investment in a scuba diving wetsuit can be quite significant depending on what type you opt for, as well as what sort of conditions you most frequently dive in; therefore you should either select a suit that caters for the majority of your dives or even consider the detachable option which gives you so much more flexibility when diving in different conditions and under a variety of differing situations.

One should familiarize yourself with the way that the wetsuit is sold, and how the thickness is reflected in the product description. Should funds not be an issue then both types can be considered in the wetsuit selection process. One should rather seek out a functional suit that serves the purpose than worry about making a fashion statement, as this will determine the level of comfort, and warmth, you will enjoy while in the water as well as the protection afforded by the suit from scratches and bumps against rocks and coral reefs.

Wetsuit selection, as well as the additional accessories should be done on a careful basis, selecting good quality at value prices to ensure long use of the purchased items, also following the care instructions to enable the longevity of the items.

When spending time on the beach or in the pool, always protect your skin and those of your loved ones by covering up with full body uv protection swimsuit for kids and full body uv protective swimsuit for women.

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