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Benefits of Tomato and affects on the skin

Posted by ecostinger on

Six Benefits of Tomatoes on Your skin you never knew

Who said that you need to spend a fortune on cosmetics to stay cute? If that’s your take on this; that’s a big misconception. Sometimes cosmetics can be tough on our skin, and the side effects can be rough on us. Besides, cosmetics can be heavy in your pockets. So why not just go natural? This will save your money and your delicate skin from the harsh cosmetic world. Tomatoes are a huge reservoir of beauty enhancing products. This is good news for everyone as you can get it at your kitchen larder. Here are six secrets about tomatoes you didn’t know;

Shrinking Big pores

Are you having big pores troubles? Shrink them. Big pores are a gate way to grime and dirt which increases the chances of having the pores infected. To fight the pores; Mix a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice with four drops of fresh lime. Using a cotton wool, apply the mixture to your face. Leave it on your face for half an hour and then rinse your face with lukewarm water to shrink the open pores. Consistency in this process will shrink all the pores on your face.

Acne Healing

The acidity nature of tomatoes greatly assists in reducing and clearing your face up your acne. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin A and vitamin C are common ingredients in many acne treatments. For a mild acne, cut a tomato into halves and apply it on the inner part of your face. For cases where the acne is severe; mash your tomato and use this pulp as a pack on your face. Rinse it off after an hour. After regular use, your acne will lessen.


Do you have an oily face that shines like fried pap? This will end your struggle of trying to keep your face from shining. The tomato is the solution to your agony. Simply crush a fresh tomato and strain it. Mix a little tomato juice with a small amount of cucumber juice. Applying this juice with cotton wool regularly; will control acne and excessive oiliness.

Good to eat Great to clean

An avocado and a tomato mask work magic under your skin. The reason behind is avocado has a moisturizing effect and an antiseptic. On the other hand; tomato works as a blackhead and oil reducing agent as well as an astringent. A mixture of mashed avocados and tomatoes helps in cleaning and soothing oil or dry skin. This is because they are rich in vitamins C, A, and Apply this pack for 20-30 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water for good results.

Say Goodbye to Burns

With harsh summer conditions come burnt, inflamed skin. The majority of people’s skin gets itchy, raw and sunburned when exposed to the sun. Toss a crushed tomato in two table spoons of plain yogurt. Apply this concoction on feet, hands, neck, and face. Yogurt gives your skin a high protein boost leaving it supple and soft. The tomato in return cools and neutralizes the surface. When outdoor wear sun protection clothing or uv swimwear to limit your skin exposure to the sun UV radiation, this will also help your skin avoid damage, sunburn and stay skin cancer free.

Glowing Skin

We all love a glowing skin. To attain this; mix tomato juice with honey to get a thick paste. Apply this concoction and rinse it off after thirty minutes for a glowing and smooth face.

The bottom line is, to maintain a beautiful skin you don’t need to set aside a lump sum of money to visit the cosmetic shop now and then. There are more convenient and cheaper methods of maintaining a healthy and beautiful face. This tomato experiment will protect you from the side effects that come with cosmetics and give you better results. Going natural is the new trend. Let’s embrace it.

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