Ladies Full Body UV Swimsuit with Hood Sun Protective UPF50+ Navy Pink (Chlorine Resistant)


Ladies Full Body Stinger Bathing Swim Suit with Built-in Hood is from the house of Ecostinger—an internationally renowned name in the niche of sun protective swimwear. Functional yet fashionable, the hooded suit keeps the skin protected against harmful rays of the sun all day long with UPF50+ cover, dangers lurking in the sea such as jellyfish and potentially injurious abrasions. Chlorine-resistant, the fabric is ultra-soft, very stretchable and UV radiant. Fabric is light weight and breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather conditions.

Protection: UPF50+ blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation, protect against Jellyfish Stingers, Sea Lice and Sandfly;
Water Temperature: Suitable for warm and lukewarm water temperature 20°C / 70°F, also can be used in colder waters and heated pools;
Weather Effect: Fabric is light weight and breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather, perfect use during hot and mild weather conditions;

53% Polyester/47% PBT, Chlorine Resistant;
Weight: 170gsm (lighter than most traditional swimwear fabric);
Strength: Extremely durable with excellent stretch and recovery functions;
Fabric care: Preferred cold water hand wash, if machine wash use cold water only.


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