Women Full Bodysuit Swimwear UV Protection UPF50+ Black Royal Stitch (Chlorine Resistant)


Tailored to provide a skin-fit design, this bodysuit does not affect your body movements and allows you to enjoy any water-based activities. Its UPF50+ sun protection feature along with 97.5% of UVA and UVB radiation blocking ensures your skin is saved from discoloration, sunburns or sun-induced patching. The sun protection swimwear offers defense against any potential threats that may occur while coming in contact with sea creatures like box jellyfish, and sea lice. Fashioned with a sporty look, this bodysuit is extremely comfortable to wear and does not lose its shape despite facing harsh weather conditions. The lightweight fabric remains soft on the skin and helps to maintain a cool body temperature with its sweat absorbency.

Protection: UPF50+ blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation, protect against Jellyfish Stingers, Sea Lice and Sandfly;
Water Temperature: Suitable for warm and lukewarm water temperature 20°C / 70°F, also can be used in colder waters and heated pools;
Weather Effect: Fabric is light weight and breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather, perfect use during hot and mild weather conditions;

53% Polyester/47% PBT, Chlorine Resistant;
Weight: 170gsm (lighter than most traditional swimwear fabric);
Strength: Extremely durable with excellent stretch and recovery functions;
Fabric care: Preferred cold water hand wash, if machine wash use cold water only.


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Merima 21st Oct 2018

"nice simple and quick"

"nice simple and quick"

Lynn D 27th Sep 2018

"Website easy to navigate. Good selection on products"

"Website easy to navigate. Good selection on products"

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