Excellent Sun Protective Clothing Fabric

Italian swimwear fabric
EcoStinger fabric is made in Italy providing exceptional superior quality; fabric technological advancement, and fashionable colors.

Light weight swimwear fabric
EcoStinger fabric is light weight soft and feels like second skin, it is much more durable in comparison with all other swimwear fabric such as Lycra, Nylon, Spandex, Elastance and Polyamide.

Excellent UV protection
Excellent UV protection: A Fabric ability to offer high protection against the sun UV radiation (UPF50+ is the maximum value obtainable blocking >97.5% of the sun uva and uvb radiation).

chlorine proof
Chlorine proof: Fabric offers high chlorine-resistance without compromising on elasticity and wearability. Maintain colors and elasticity longer than Lycra, Elastane, Spandex, Nylon or Polyamide fabrics.

shape retention
Shape retention: Garments that maintain their shape even after several uses.

perfect fit
Perfect fit: The fabric elasticity moulds to the body without being constricting, allowing the best freedom in movements.

exceptional breathability
Exceptional breathability: Fabric absorb sweats and allow its natural evaporation.

two way stretch
Two way stretch: Fabric with stretch properties on both directions.

piling resistance
Piling resistance: Fabric that is always smooth and pleasant on the skin. Tests demonstrates that it resist to abrasions and piling with the highest rating value of 5.