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Since the 10th century, Hungary was a nation of persons with different ethnic backgrounds!

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Sep 2018

Hungary is a landlocked nation located in Central Europe. It covers 93,030 square kilometers, and it is in the Carpathian Basin. Also, it is bordered by the Carpathian Mountains, the Dinaric Alps, and the Alps.

Since the 10th century, Hungary was a nation of persons with different ethnic backgrounds. Main territorial changes made the country a blend of many ethnic groups after world war I, though over 9/10 of the inhabitants is Hungarian and is fluent in Hungarian (Magyar) as their primary language.

Hungarians are lovers of horses. The older Hungarians resided in the Euro-Asian nomadic area where utilization of horses played a significant role in their way of living. Thus horse riding has a prime position in Hungarian history, which leads to the Hungarians being called the nation of equestrians. Foreigners are typically invited for horse riding.

Hungary has a moderately dry continental climate. The average yearly temperature is 100c. Temperatures range from 25-32 0 F in January and 64-73 0 F in July. The most extreme temperatures are 430C during summer and -340C during winter. Due to this drastic rise in temperature in Hungary, there are some recommendations on how to be safe during these times of intense UV rays. 

Protecting yourself from UV rays in Hungary especially during midday is essential. Children usually are more predisposed to environmental risks as compared to adults. When partaking in outdoor activities, they are supposed to be safe from high UV publicity and should remain in shaded regions always, if possible. 

Apply sunscreen on your exposed skin, rub on a broad-spectrum sunscreen to body parts which are exposed and apply again after every 2 hours or right after working, playing, swimming or working out. 

Utilize the shade in an intelligent way when sunshine is scorching, though remember that structures offering shade like trees, canopies or umbrellas do not provide thorough protection from UV rays. 

Makes sure you shun sunlamps as well as tanning parlors. Sun lamps, as well as sunbeds, increase the chances of you getting skin cancer and can destroy unprotected eyes. They are supposed to be avoided entirely. 

Dress in protective clothing that protects you from the sunlight. A broad hat offers excellent protection from intense sunlight for the face, ears, ayes as well as the back part of the neck. Also, dark glasses that offer 100% UV-A, as well as UV-B safety, will assist in a significant way less damage to the eyes from exposure to the sun. Tightly knit, loose-fitting clad that cover most parts of the body will offer additional protection from the UV rays.

When in Hungary, especially during the summer, when the temperatures tend to rise very high, you should consider the above recommendations to avoid issues with your skin. Try and avoid staying in the sun for more than 15 minutes mostly between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm which is the time when the concentration of UV rays are at its peak. Also, do not use artificial tanning kit.

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