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Singapore is the leading destination for international travelers among all the Asian countries!

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Oct 2018

Singapore is the leading destination for international travelers among all the Asian countries. This magnificent city-state offers a slew of attractions that encompass both business and pleasure; ensuring that millions of tourists visit every year to sample what it has to offer. If you have ever thought of visiting Singapore, the following are important facts you need to know about the country.

Location Singapore is located in the Asian continent and strategically placed at the south of the Malaysian peninsula. Its neighbors include countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysian and the Philippines. The Central Business District spreads across the southern and central parts of the island and is defined by a range of high-rise buildings.

Geography The nation of Singapore consists of the main island which is modern and extensively urbanized, in addition to more than sixty other small islands. The main island features rounded hills in the middle and towards the west and southwest is a sequence of low ridges. The east and southeast of the island generally have a flat topography. At 166m, Bukit Timah is the highest altitude of Singapore while the strait of Singapore is the lowest at 0m. There are several short streams that drain the island as they flow into the sea, passing through estuaries and mangrove swamps.

People Singapore is famous for its impressive diversity and forms the perfect boiling pot for culture, religion, and race. About five million people live in the cosmopolitan society harmoniously with interactions among various races being a common occurrence. Four languages are spoken, including Thai, Malay, Chinese, and English. The pattern of Singapore originates from it cultural diversity with past immigrants intermingling to bring this about.

Travel and Outdoors

Singapore generally experiences a hot and humid climate. The temperature barely drops below 20 degrees and can climb up to 30 degrees during the day. Rains are experienced for short spells, normally in the months of November and December. The many islands in Singapore guarantee that there is a range fun activities one can indulge in while exploring the outdoors. These include:

Beaches The tropical climate, combined with islands ensures that Singapore is an ideal choice for beach lovers. There are endless clear water beaches on the exotic islands that experience the hot sun throughout the year; making for a great day in the outdoors. The important thing for visitors is to carry along cooling apparels like hats for the purpose of sun protection.

Chinese Mythology Park The Haw Par Villa is a surreal theme park based on the Chinese Mythology that is regularly visited by guests in Singapore. You will get to view more than a thousand statues and many people role-playing in an effort to recreate the historical characters and give visitors a feel of how the legend of the Chinese mythology was.

Night Safari For those people who enjoy the cover of the dark, Singapore offers a Night Safari for viewing nocturnal creatures, the first of its kind in the world. Tram rides are provided for enthusiasts who get to witness the creatures of the night thrive under the light of the moon.

Architecture A walk in the city will expose visitors to some of the most polarizing architectural structures in the world. The amazing skyscrapers that defy the laws of physics are a major attraction to people who visit Singapore.