What are the different coverup options for Modest Swimwear?

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Apr 2019

Whether you feel more comfortable in modest clothing or you choose to wear modest clothing due to your religious or cultural background, there are a wide variety of modest yet stylish swimwear options to choose from.

To discover a few common modest swimsuit styles which you may fall in love with, simply continue reading to discover a couple of popular styles, that may tick all of your boxes. What is modest swimwear? Modest yet fashionable swimwear options:

1. One piece swimsuits If you're not the type of woman who is comfortable sunbathing at the beach in a bikini, don't worry as these days there are a wide variety of cute one piece full body swimsuits to choose from. So if wouldn't be caught dead in an old fashioned floral swimsuit that your grandmother would purchase, you're in luck as modern one piece swimsuits come in a wide array of colors, cuts and patterns including UV and Jellyfish protective swimsuits used for swimming and shallow diving. 

2. Swim dresses If you'd prefer to cover the tops of your thighs when you go swimming and don't like wearing shorts over your swimsuit, you may love the idea of purchasing a modest yet feminine swim dress. Just imagine how chic you would look wearing a classic black swim suit with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a wide brim straw hat. Swim dresses are also popular with women of all shapes, sizes and ages and look just as glamorous on busy mothers who want to look stylish whilst chasing around their kids at the beach as they do on younger women. 

3. Tankinis If you have a long torso or one piece swimsuits don't suit your body shape, it's well worth trying on a tankini. A tankini is a two piece, which consists of a tank top style top and a regular bikini style swimsuit bottom. However, if you'd prefer to wear a more conservative swimsuit bottom some tankini sets come with swimsuit bottoms that look like just like shorts and which will cover the tops of your thighs. If you're looking for a bit of added coverage you can always pop a pair of loose fitting workout shorts or a pair of long board shorts over your swimsuit bottoms. One of the advantages of wearing tankinis is that you can mix and match your pieces to create brand new swim outfits. 

4. Rash vests If you'd like to be able to cover your chest, neck and arms, simply purchase a rash vest to wear on top of your chosen swim suit. Rash vests come in many different styles and some rash vests even feature handy zips which you can unzip slightly if you get hot. 

5. Surf leggings If you frequently wear athletic leggings, you may be thrilled to find out that surf leggings now exist and will protect your legs from the sun and coral. Better yet surf leggings dry quickly and provide you with plenty of coverage. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tight fitting clothing, simply place a pair of loose fitting shorts over your surf leggings. 

So if you often shy away from going swimming as you don't want to wear a revealing bikini, rest assured that there are plenty of modest swimwear options to choose from!