What Is Bluebottle Stingers And How To Avoid A Sting?

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Mar 2023

Anyone that heads out to the beach in the summer knows about the dangers of jellyfish and the risk of getting stung. But what about Bluebottles? Are these creatures as dangerous, and what should we do to stay safe?

What Is Bluebottle Stingers And How To Avoid A Sting.

Bluebottle stingers are long, venomous tentacles that stretch out from the body of the Bluebottle jellyfish. Anyone that comes into contact with these stingers runs the risk of that venom entering their tissues and bloodstream. The best thing to do is to avoid these creatures at all costs and make sure no one touches them. However, there will be accidental cases of stings. When this happens, remove the stingers and rinse the area with seawater.

What Are Bluebottles?

Bluebottles are beautiful blue jellyfish, also known as the Portuguese Man O’ War, found in the Pacific ocean. They are easily recognizable thanks to their long sac-like body, which acts as a sail above the water, and their long tentacles. This mass of stingers immobilizes any prey it catches. These creatures float along and use the current and sea winds to travel around. This often leads to them washing up on our shores. That is when they become a problem.

How To Avoid Bluebottle Stings.

Now you know what Bluebottles are, you know what to avoid. The best way to avoid a Bluebottle sting is to simply stay away from these creatures when you come across them. This is easier said than done in the water if one swims past. Just try and keep your distance. If you see one washed up on the beach, don’t go near it, and make sure to keep children and animals away. If you have to move it, be careful to avoid the tentacles and try and use gloves as a barrier.

It is also a good idea to watch out for warning signs on the beach or notices on social media. Lifeguards or other agencies may send out reports when there are high numbers of jellyfish in the area. You can then decide whether to continue with your visit or come back another day.

What To Do If You Are Stung By A Bluebottle.

Sometimes Bluebottle stings are unavoidable, and accidents do happen. So, it helps to know what to do next. These stings can get quite painful, and some people can even go into anaphylactic shock, so it pays to act fast. The first thing to do is remove the tentacles to stop any more venom from entering the body. Then you must wash the area with seawater to rinse it out.

Keep Your Distance And Respect The Bluebottle.

As you can see, these creatures aren’t anything to mess around with. It is important to give them their space and let them drift by peacefully so you aren’t stung. If you find one washed up, keep away to avoid the dangerous mass of tentacles. Although dangerous, they are still incredible creatures, and we are lucky to share the ocean with them.