Where to Buy Sun Protection Swimwear in Belgium?

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Apr 2018

Belgium has three major geographical regions- the central plateau, coastal plain and Ardennes uplands. The coastal region has plenty of sandy beaches, dunes, and polders.

The central plateau on the inland extends to the Meuse River. The flat land has many dikes and canals differentiating the sea from the land. The land harbors very many tributaries of River Schelde. On the in-land, caves, valleys, and gorges are in plenty.
Meuse’s east is graced with green thick forests on the ranges and hills. Mount Ardennes is in this region and its peak is Botrange 694m. Generally, the climate is temperate and makes Belgians experience mild winters and cool summers.

Belgium’s Location
Belgium on the world map is situated in the Western part of Europe and is in the northwest bordered by the North Sea. In its north is Netherlands and France in the west and south. Germany and Luxembourg border Belgium to the east. 

People of Belgium
Belgians are divided into two ethnic groups-the French and the Dutch. Belgium is densely populated. With immigration being a popular practice in this country, the cities are fully inhabited. Belgians are hospitable and appreciate interactions. This translates to why this country is loved by tourists-both domestic and international.
Travel and Outdoors in Belgium

Belgium is greatly endowed with plenty of sites to tour. With the climate being temperate, sun protection is vital. The effects of UV rays are detrimental and on the worse end can get you down with cancer. This is why you need to invest in a good sunscreen for fun outdoors.

A big area of Belgium is the plateaus and the coastline area where the temperatures are a little higher than the mountainous zone. The forest area is not cold like you may think hence visiting the Blue Forest or the Hallerbos is flocked by tourists mostly in April. Tourists come to see the forest turn blue with the bluebells all over in summer. Spring with sun protection is bliss. Forget about the unsightly rashes and bad sunburns. 

Bijgaarden castle in Belgium’s Brussels is famous for its flower show held once in a month. The flower arrangement is epic and breathes life into the summer season. The way they blossom doesn’t seem to be affected by the weather changes.

C-mine Genk, a place that was once a mining site now is the most populated recreational and cultural center for tourists. Renovations done on old buildings looks marvelous and everything turned into a museum makes it one place tourists have to visit. The sun here is scorching because the tree cover is history. Arm yourself with a tube of sunscreen for sun protection.

The Belgian Province of Namur is just perfect for summer. Cycling is the fun activity mostly done here. The RAVel des BBQ is a challenge held here and the cycle routes are along good open restaurants you would love to pop in.

Above are just among the many fantastic places you can tour in Western Europe. Touring this country is a memorable experience and above all sun protection is something you should consider while packing for a tour in Belgium.

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