Where to Buy Sun Protection Swimwear in Iceland?

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Apr 2018

As an island in the North Atlantic, Iceland is a home to a peaceful and progressive nation that has formed a society where equality and freedom are some of the key qualities. Widely known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland has some of the world’s most active volcanoes and some of the largest glaciers in Europe. It’s also the land of darkness and light with short winter days and long summer days. This means sun protection is key.


Formed around 25 million years ago, it’s one of the most recent landmasses on earth with some of the most active volcanoes. It’s believed that it was created by a fissure in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the American and the Eurasian tectonic plates met. Its landmass is increasing at the rate of 5 cm per year and splits wider at a pit where the two tectonic meets.

The last volcanoes to erupt include Grimsvotn in 2011 and Eyjafjallajkull in 2010. Interestingly, it even has the world’s newest island called Surtsey which was formed in 1963 as result of volcanic eruption. Its widest parts measures 500km and east to west and 300km north to south. Having a coastline of 4970 km, it normally maintains a 200 nautical miles economic zone.


Throughout the years, the extreme nature and isolation have greatly shaped the Icelandic culture. These conditions have led to a resilient nation where a sense of tradition is very strong, family ties are tight, and the bond is powerful. Throughout the years, it has developed a unique culture of storytelling More so, their language has been carefully preserved through the years.

Although they are still rooted in their traditions, today’s society is both progressive and modern, In fact, in 1980, it became the first country to elect a lesbian prime minister. Overall, the Icelanders are very friendly highly educated, attractive, sophisticated, modern, and very honest. While some of them came from the British Isles, their ancestors were mostly Norwegians.


Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean south of the Arctic Circle. It’s situated 287 kilometers southeast from Greenland and about 970 kilometers west. Geographically, it’s part of both the Eurasian plate and the North American plate.

Travel and outdoors

As one of the safest countries in the world, it has a very low crime rate. However, when traveling it’s very important to take some precaution due to the natural hazards caused by nature and weather which can change within a very short notice. Although nature is one of its many attractions, it can be unpredictable and harsh. You, therefore, need to know how to react. Since the weather is very much unpredictable you need to pay attention to traveling conditions and weather forecasts.

While going outdoors, it’s very important to bring the right equipment. For instance, jeep safaris require special equipment, hiking another and glacier exploration yet another. Although your tour operator should provide you with the right guidelines, you should not forget about sun protection to ensure that you are UV safety.

Moreover, when driving around, make sure that the road condition is fine and the condition of your vehicle is also good. Above all, always prepare well before traveling.

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