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Where to Buy Sun Protection Swimwear in Japan?

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Apr 2018

Japan is a country that is located in the Asian continent, which covers about 377,915square kilometers, both water, and dry land, hence this makes Japan to be one of the largest countries in the world. The capital city of Japan is known as Tokyo, and the people of Japan are known as the Japanese. Japan nation is among the few countries in the world that does not share a land border with any country .

The first history of Japan was recorded around the first century by the Chinese scholars in the book known as the "BOOK OF HAN" which is believed to be written in early centuries. Moreover, at that time Japan was ruled by empires or it was under empires dynasty and later they introduced a new tow which acted as the city known as Heian-Kyo, (Kyoto) this was marked as a golden age of classical. Japanese people mostly practice Buddhism and Shinto religious lives, after the golden age classical Japan continued to have series of empires. This continued up to around 1853-54 when Japan secluded itself from the rest of the world which also contributed to the fall of the Shogunate. Then there was Meij period that led to the transformation of Japan into a strong superpower country. And this led to many crises and wars like 1920-30 invasion of Manchuria, prolonged wars with China,1941 war with the US and other allied forces and 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Moreover, after 1952, Japan attained new constitution that transformed it into a democratic state with high growing economy up to date.

Japan is a naturally mountainous country with series of mountains known as the Japanese archipelago, which stretches about 300 kilometers eastwards of the Asian continent, Japan has about 40, volcanic mountains which are active and can erupt any time, and it is one of the countries that experience severe earthquakes almost every time in the word. It has steep topographies and very steep mountains whereby more than half of the country experiences quick soil erosions and mudslides when it rains thus affecting transportation in rainy seasons,

Japan has great geographical features and coastal beaches that make up the Japanese coastal plains. Though more than half of it, parts do not allow crop growing there are some parts that are fertile and conducive to farming activities especially the coastal plains.

Japan has a population of about 129 million peoples, which makes to be ranked among the top ten most populated countries in the world, with a population density of about 335 people per square kilometer and 775 peoples per square mile. With most of it, people residing in big cities like Tokyo and Yokohama since most of japan land is forested and mountainous hence inhabitable.

Japan original people are known as the Japanese though Japan is a highly populated country in the world it does not have distinct subgroups that makeup Japanese they usually regard themselves as themselves as a single ethnic group, especially for a few who are aliens from another countries like Korea. But that does not make them lack any ethnic group since they have the Ainu, Okinawan natives, and Chinese descent people.

Japan location
Japan is located in the Asian continent, within the globe of, minimum longitude of 122.9300 degrees, maximum longitude 146.0200 degrees, maximum latitude 45.5200 degrees, and minimum latitude of 24.0400 degrees, and
elevation of 44metres height above sea level.

Travel and outdoors including UV safety
Traveling involves a movement of one place to another for various reasons; sometimes you may travel to places that have strong sunlight (UV light) which tends to destroy your skin or causing sunburns. Therefore, when you are traveling in order to avoid such situation you must take some sun protection precaution, which includes;

Wearing sunscreen, this is most advisable for people who work outdoors in places with extreme sunlight even when it is cloudy; 

Always stay in the shade; this will help you to avoid a lot of sun exposure that can damage your skin and eyes;

Wear cover-ups. This is types of clothes that will cover your body and avoid you from being affected by strong UV rays;

Good timing of the sun, always avoid strong UV rays that reach the highest temperature from 10AM-4 pm, therefore you can make your travels before and after that time when the sun is not hot;

Wear head caps, hats and use umbrellas to cover you when UV is hot;

UV rays mostly affect people according to their body melanin the lighter your body is the more chance of having your skin affected, an example for the case of albinos it is advisable for them to cover themselves every time since their bodies cannot tolerate strong UV. Nevertheless, it is advisable for everybody to protect his body from strong UV since it sometimes causes skin diseases.

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