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Dive Skin Snorkeling Underwater Swimsuit

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Oct 2016

Snorkeling underwater is fun experience. The equipment you will need is a mask and snorkel, snorkel fins and preferably also a life vest or snorkeling vest. The mask covers your eyes and nose and allows you to see things underwater. It should be sealed and a tight fit so as to prevent water from getting in and it should also enable you to see clearly without obstructing your peripheral vision. It is recommended that you buy silicone masks as although they are more expensive, they are more durable and can accommodate more pressure.

The snorkel is a flexible tube which connects the snorkeler to the surface air and thereby allowing him or her to breathe while the head is in water. The size of the snorkel is dependent on the person using it, therefore, try it out and see whether it allows you to breathe comfortably which is a function of its diameter as well as its length.

The snorkel also has a mouthpiece, and this should be a comfortable fit where you do not have to bite down too hard on the bite piece. The fins provide speed underwater and help one to save on energy while snorkeling. There are two types of fins; full-foot fins cover the whole foot protecting the bottom of the feet while open-heel fins do not protect the lower portion of the feet but are adjustable which means they can give a proper fit. You will also need to get flexible fins for a start because although stiffer fins propel you further per stroke, they also require stronger muscles which you will develop as you frequently go snorkeling.

The snorkeling vests are ideal for beginners as they are designed to increase buoyancy and therefore making it easier for you to stay afloat which makes your experience more enjoyable.

How you go about it will determine how much you enjoy the snorkeling. It is, therefore, important that you do it the right way and that you are relaxed so as to allow you to enjoy the amazing underwater environment and the aquatic wildlife. For starters learn how to keep your body streamlined.

This is achieved by relaxing your knees and ankles and then placing your arms at your side which reduces the resistance. While in this position use a slow flutter kick motion, and you will realize that the fins will propel you in the water and you do not need to use your hands for movement.

You will need to learn how to approximate distances when you are underwater because in the water objects look closer than they are. This can be learned by reaching out using your arm when you are in the water at a known distance which will guide you to know your arm's effective length in water. This is extremely crucial as it avoids you hitting objects or fellow snorkelers due to an incorrect idea of the distance between you and them.

In the beginning, it is advisable that you try it out first in a swimming pool or shallow waters then after you have a feel of how it is then you can eventually try out deeper waters.

Dive Skin Snorkeling Underwater Swimsuit

dive skin snorkeling underwater swimsuit