Kayaking is a fun water sports

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Feb 2018

There is something incredibly liberating about taking over the open water. Needless to say, when you fall in love with kayaking, you will turn it into your favorite hobby. It is also the best way to get up close to nature and enjoy the world around you from a brand new point
of view. If you are looking to turn into an expert paddler or are ready to get your feet wet-literally- this ultimate guide to kayaking will come in handy:

Types of Kayaks

Kayaks often categorize their boats based on their usage, volume or hull design. While recreational kayaks are perfect for beginners, because they protect against excessive back and forth rocking, they are slowed compared to inflatable and foldable kayaks. As a beginner, it may be hard to maneuver sea kayaks and racing kayaks because they are for the advanced sportsman.

Paddling a Kayak

Traveling in a kayak is somehow intuitive even if you have never been in one. The trick lies in learning the forward, backward, turning as well as topping strokes. Thereafter, you can focus on body alignment, grip, and posture.

Gear Essential

The main role of Kayaking year is keeping you safe on the water. They are simple must-haves. They include:

Helmet: This will protect you from the rocks in the water in case your kayak flips

A reliable kayak: Go for longer model kayaks with built-in storage for extended trips or more shorter for freestyle Kayaking

Paddle: The type of paddle that you require depends on your height, width, paddling style and general width of your boat. A twin bladed paddle that is around two meters long is ideal

Wetsuit and Kayaking gloves: These should be among your first purchases. The best wetsuit is 4mm thick on the body and 3mm thick on the arms. Kayaking gloves are also essential

Buoyancy aid: Even if you can swim, a buoyancy and will be important when in deep-water situations. Choose one that fits tightly but still gives you enough room to freely move your arms.

Spray deck: Also referred to as a spray skirt, this is a stretchy material that ensures you are sealed into the boat. The styles vary depending on the type of kayaking that you want to do.

Important Tips to Remember

While there are many things you can do to make your kayak excursion a more involved experience, it is advisable to start with the basics if you are a beginner. These tips will have great influence on your journey.

Use your torso to maneuver

Using your arms to paddle can be difficult and tiring. Therefore, involve your entire body to make the ride easier, keep your back straight and relaxed, do not slouch, otherwise you will not last in the water more than a few hours

Always wear a flotation device

If you are on open waters, a flotation device will protect you from the unpredictable even if you are a good swimmer. Choose one that is proper-fitting but still offers room for movement.

Do not go all new

Gear can be costly, especially if you are just �trying out’ the kayaking experience. It is better to consider thrift shops for gear and �trade up’ later when you want to make a real investment. Second-hand gear will still meet your needs.

Kayaking is all about having fun. With these tips, it will quickly become your favorite past time. While lots of outdoor activities run their course, this one will always remain well-loved.