Sun Protection Clothing And UV Protective Swimwear Factors And Warnings!

Posted by ecostinger on 19th Oct 2017

Most fabrics can provide some protection from the sun regardless of if they are UPF rated or not. However several factors will determine how effective clothing and swimwear is at reducing the UV reaching the skin. These factors include; the weave density; construction of the fabric; thickness; color; tension and stretch; additives added to fabric; and condition.Fabric with UPF50+ ratings can b …
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Type Of Sunscreens How And When To Use And Is It Safe For All Members Of The Family!

Posted by ecostinger on 8th Jan 2016

The products which are made from the combination of different types of ingredients and that prevent the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation are known as sunscreen. It is commonly known as sun block, sun cream, sun burn cream or suntan lotion. It can be in the form of lotion, gel or spray. It absorbs and reflects the UV radiations.Types of SunscreenThe different types of sunscreen include Benzo …
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Sunscreen how and when to apply

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Oct 2014

Many recognizes the importance of sunscreen and how it protect the skin from the sun's ultra-violet radiation.  Anyone over six months old can wear sunscreen which must contain sunscreen protection factor (SPF) minimum 15 for adults and minimum 30 for kids. It is important to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun to give time to penetrate the skin and must re …
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Sun Protection Clothing For Children

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

The sun uv radiation is damaging to your skin and that of your loved ones! Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause short term health effects such as sunburn, wrinkles and sun spots; and long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can increase the risk of damage to the skin which may cause skin cancer and eventually Melanoma, as well as damage to the eyes which may result in …
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