The United Kingdom was naturally divided into geographic parts and historic parts that include England, Scotland, wale and Northern Ireland!

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Oct 2018

The United Kingdom is an island country located in Western Europe and lies off the northwestern coast of the mainland in the continent of Europe. It is among the tiger countries of the world with a population of about 65 million people according to 2016 estimations. The country qualifies to be an island because of it being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the population in the country is British who speak English as an official language. The citizens of this country are God believers most of them being Christians and few Muslims. The United Kingdom is one of the sovereign countries being at position 78th worldwide.

The United Kingdom was naturally divided into geographic parts and historic parts that include England, Scotland, wale and Northern Ireland. There are many islands in the country such as Great Britain and Ireland among other small Islands. The United Kingdom has its capital in London and covers a total area of approximately 244,000 square kilometers. The country has lowland and highland terrain. In partitioning of the total land, forest takes about 12%, 49% goes for pasture and 28% is used for agriculture production. These values are subject to changes from time to time due to rapid change in technology and culture of the people. The country lies in the latitude of 49o to 62oN and longitude of 9oW to 2OE.

Traveling in the UK is not a big deal since the country has developed means of transport. The roads are good and are divided into main roads, motorways and pave roads. The roads are always busy making traveling effective. Moreover, there are railways networks which are meant to reduce traffics on the roads. They are either owned by the government or privately owned. The latest type of railway is the high-speed railway which will be used n the few years. Another type of transport is airport which is appropriate for urgencies.

The country experience high UV radiations which are caused by the consistent sun. These radiations vary depending on the seasons and may be adverse to some extent. They may cause cancer if one is exposed to it for a long time. When the radiations are low the people go out for leisure to enjoy it. The country, therefore, has set in place some policies to deal with the effects of these radiations. At different seasons there are protective clothes which are recommended.

Summer season is the most concerned season where people are advised to wear sunglasses, hats and cover their bodies during midday hours. They are also required to shade when the sun is strong. Generally, people are advised to be careful about these radiations so as to protect themselves from cancer and other related diseases. They, therefore, should not expose themselves to the sun for a long time.

The United Kingdom is one of the best places in the world to be in terms of world ranking. It has beautiful natural features with human-friendly climate although at sometimes the sun is strong causing high UV radiations which may be harmful. However, the problem has been able to overcome by coming up with some policies.