Where to Buy UV Protectin Swimwear in Saudi Arabia?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd May 2018

Saudi Arabia is one of the most richest arabs of this day and age. Saudi Arabia is the second largest Arab country. Tourism is a great aspect that influences the Saudi economy. The most important pilgrimage locations of the Islamic religion are in Saudi Arabia these locations are Mecca and Medina. Apart from that Saudi Arabia is very modern country with its capital city Riyadh being an extremely modern and fast paced city.
Saudi Arabia is located in western Asia, within the Arabian Peninsula. It’s exact location according to longitude and latitude being 23.8859� N, 45.0792� E. Saudi Arabia experiences one specific type of climate. A desert climate characterised by extremely hot and arid afternoons followed by an abrupt drop in temperature at night with very low annual levels of rain.
Saudi Arabia is bordered by Yemen, Oman, Iraq and Israel. The Red Sea and the Persian Gulf are the waters that encompassed the dry and arid nation.
For the most part, Saudi Arabia is an uninhabited desert land. The Rub' Al Khali Desert, is the worlds largest mass of sand. Saudi Arabia is also home to the world famous sand famous called the An-Nafud Desert - where sand dunes exceed 100 ft. in height. Winter peaks in Saudi Arabia during the months of December and January. Summer hits its peak during June and July. From May to September, day temperatures reach a very hot 45�C. Regions such as Taif, Al Baha and Asir are areas where slightly cooler temperature reigns throughout the year with temperatures reaching an overall average temperature of 25 degrees celsius.

In terms of travel, Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country and so the various customs and dress codes required of the nationals should be strictly adhered to be visiting tourists as well. Make sure you read up on the countries before arriving. You don't want to get yourself in the wrong situation on your exciting holiday. Things are however changing and the recent changes of women being allowed to drive without requiring permission and the cinema ban being lifted shows signs of great change within the nation. It is isn’t as scary as it seems there. Saudi Arabia is a culture filled nation. The Mada’in Saleh is a Unesco-listed rock-carved tombs similar to the Petra in Jordan is now open to the public will surely draw large crowds.

Spend time in the luxurious city of Riyadh where you catch various hypercars such as Bugatti’s and Lamborghinis zooming around. The sky high buildings and the opulence filled atmosphere is enough to make you want become and instant millionaire.
One tip everyone who has gone to Saudi Arabia pleads those planning travel there is to go hard on the sun block. Your stomach may forgive you after overdosing on croissants and macaroons but your skin won’t after being sizzled by the sun. Even though you may be wearing conversative clothing your face, neck and ears will still be exposed to the sun. To ensure you remain sun safe on all your excursions make sure you lather 50SPF sun screen every 3 hours. Focus heavily in the more sensitive areas such as your fingers, toes, neck and back of your ears. Apart from that invest in a good Arabic - English dictionary. You will need one!

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