Men Sun Protective Hood Balaclava UPF50+ Black (Chlorine Resistant)


Ideal for sun protection for head, the Men Sun Protective Hood Balaclava keeps the skin soft and breathable at all times. The USP of Ecostinger swimwear is that they provide comprehensive protection against the harmful sun rays while also protecting the skin from abrasions.

Suitable For All Type of Water Sports

Offering exceptional breathability, the Italian fabric of Ecostinger facilitates natural evaporation of sweat, keeping the skin cool at all times. Also, the extreme elasticity it offers ensures free body movements, making it a great option for sun protection while enjoying beach fitness activities, water aerobics, lap swimming and more.

The fabric offers UPF50+ UVA cover and blocks up to 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays. While the fabric fits like a second skin and provides effective protection from harmful rays, it doesn’t compromise on its fashion quotient. Our swimsuits are available in fashionable colors which can withstand chlorine resistance and retain the colors.

Provides protection against harmful sun rays - Covers head and neck effectively - Soft, lightweight and breathable fabric - Withstands chlorine resistance - Protects against sea creatures like sea lice and jellyfish stingers.


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23 Reviews

Pat O 10th Jun 2018

"Great product and easy to purchase"

"Great product and easy to purchase"

Alistair R 30th May 2018

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