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Beach Modest Swimwear Full Body Cover For Women

Posted by ecostinger on 22nd Oct 2016

To most people, summer time means a lot of extra time. The sunshine and the summer heat makes this season perfect for you to get out and turn up your workouts. Why not spend this time being active outdoors and achieve some weight loss goals? The following are some fun ways to help you get active and shed weight in summer.

1. Hiking

With the great weather, hiking is a great way to break your daily gym routine as well as get some quality family time. Look for some good hiking spots in your area, it could be the dessert, forest, swamp or whatever is in your neck of the woods, plan a picnic and make memories out of it.

2. Swimming

Most people flood in swimming pools or beaches during summer to cool off but this could offer much more benefits in addition to helping you beat the heat. Recreational swimming provides a perfect way to burn some calories. It engages the major muscle groups including the gluts, hips, legs, abdomen, back and the shoulders. Water resistance also allows you to work on strength training and cardiovascular simultaneously.

3. Tennis

Tennis games serve as very effective work outs. Playing regularly will help you improve fitness, strength, agility, mobility and balance. It will also help you burn some calories leading to weight loss. Tennis is a fun activity that will get you active in summer.

4. Biking

Biking on the other hand is economical and it offers a low impact workout on your joints and it is easy on your heart. A half hour bike ride will have a significant impact in your weight loss journey and reduce the risk of heart disease. Therefore, spin the wheels and hit the streets. You can invite a friend to make the ride more enjoyable.

5. Canoe or Kayaking

The benefits of this exercise are tremendous. Paddling a kayak or canoe is not only fun but also helps to strengthen your arms, abs and back. It also provides beautiful scenic views of the water.

6. Beach Volleyball

The sand resistance when playing beach volleyball works out the body more that when playing regular volleyball. An adult will burn over 200 calories within 30 minutes of playing beach volleyball. This makes it not only a great time to bond with family and friends but also a great workout that will help you shed some pounds.

7. Frisbee

Find a suitable field but if there is a pack nearby the better. Now get your dog, buy a Frisbee and get yourself active during summer. You can also join up with friends and have massive fun. The running, catching and throwing the Frisbee will help enhance your weight loss. In fact, studies show that 30 minutes of playing Frisbee will help you burn almost 200 calories.

The above 7 activities will keep you full entertained all through summer and most importantly keep you in shape. However, due to the extreme heat and humidity, ensure you stay well hydrated before any activity and take lots of water during and after the exercise. Also beware of the UV radiation danger, avoid sunburn and skin damage by simply applying sunscreen and wearing sun protection clothing such as full body cover swimwear or sun clothing.

Beach Modest Swimwear Full Body Cover For Women