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Posted by ecostinger on 9th May 2016

Canada is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is huge in size, and comes second only to Russia. Canada is also famous for the presence of a large number of lakes. Around 7.5 percent of the entire country is covered by lakes. Out of the Five Great Lakes in the U.S.A, four of them flow through Canada. Some of the most famous rivers in Canada are Mackenzie and St Lawrence. Mackenzie has a length of around 4200 km and flows through the northern parts. St Lawrence is around 3000 km long but is considered as the most important river of Canada, because it provides avenues for trade. Apart from lakes, Canada is also known for the presence of forests. Almost half of the country is filled by forests. The entire country is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories. Due to its huge area, you will find as many as six time zones in different parts of the country. Surprisingly, in spite of its vast area, you will find that almost eighty percent of the Canadians lives in cities, which are within 100 km for the border of the U.S.

It is believed that Canada is always extremely cold and covered with snow. But, that is not completely true. Because of its huge size, the climate also varies from region to region. The northern region of Canada is extremely cold and basically always stays frozen. Due to this, the number of people living in the northern region is very low. In the South, where most of the people live, the climate is much more pleasant. Thanks to the presence of a large number of lakes, it is not very cold there. Summer is very long there, and it sometimes gets very humid. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 20 degrees. Although, in the winter, temperature may fall below zero.

Currently, the population of Canada stands at around 30 million, with around 80 percent of the population living in the major cities. Although Ottawa is the Capital of Canada, however Toronto is the most populated city, with a population of around 4.5 million people. Many people come here for jobs from all around the world, hence you will find a lot of diversity here. Especially, many people from counties like India and China shift to Canada. Apart from that, Canada also sees a lot of immigrants from countries such as Korea and from the Middle East. Canada has a very friendly policy towards people from other countries. Hence, here you will find a friendly mix of different cultures. As per a latest study, it is believed that 80 % of the population are Christians. You will also find some Sikhs, Buddhists and Hindus here.

Canada is also economically pretty strong. You will find lots of industries here. There are basically three kinds of industries. First, there is the industries engaged in natural activities like fishing, mining and agriculture. These industries have played an important role in the growth of Canada. Even today, in many parts of Canada, they are the main source of revenue. Then there are the manufacturing industries. Lots of different things like electronics, automobiles are manufactured here and then exported all around the globe. Canada has very strong trading ties with U.S. Apart from that, you will find lots of service industries also. They create plenty of employment opportunities in different sectors like banking, transportation and healthcare. Around seventy percent of the population is employed in these industries.

The most spoken language in Canada is English, Most of the Canadians have English as their mother tongue. However, a significant portion of the population also speaks French. Hence, both English and French are considered as official languages here.

Millions of tourists, from all around the globe visit Canada throughput the year. Canada has a lot to offer to its tourists. For international tourists, it is among one of the top ten countries to visit. Because of this, tourism has become a major industry here. It is also well connected with the rest of the world, flights are available to Canada from almost all the major cities in the world. The most visited place here is obviously the Niagara Falls. Apart from that, Canada is also famous for its camping opportunities. Backpackers love to explore this country. Also, it is one of the few countries where you can try dog sledding. Business executives also visit Canada for work purposes. Toronto is considered as the main financial hub of Canada, and is home to a large number of multinational companies. You will find a lot of business executives here. ships orders to Canada on regular basis!