Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Last Longer Than Other Traditional Swimsuits

Posted by ecostinger on 29th Feb 2016

Chlorine has its three main tasks in water. It keeps the water clean, kills germs and bacteria’s present inside the water and third, oxidation and prevention of algae. These are the three main reasons why swimming pools are chlorinated.

Why is chlorine harmful and what is the solution?

We have discussed the advantages of chlorine. It is important to tell you about the harmful effects of chlorine. Chloramines present inside chlorine are harmful to eyes and can cause redness and burning sensation in eyes and sometimes itch in skin. Then what? If chlorine is important for pool’s water, you should leave swimming? No, it is where chlorine resistant swimwear comes to the rescue. By simply wearing these, you can enjoy swimming with preventing your body from the harmful effects of chlorine. Chlorine resistant swimsuits are way different than conventional fabric swimsuits, which get easily torn by regular contact with chlorinated water. These swimsuits do not only provides chlorine resistance but have many other useful properties:

Chlorine resistant swimwear last longer than other swimsuits

The conventional swimsuits cannot match the quality of chlorine resistant swimwear. They last four times longer than conventional swimwear. If you are a swimmer or an athlete, chlorine resistant swimwear must be the only suits you should wear during swimming. It is claimed that these suits can endure up to 600 hours in the pool.

Better Shape

Regular exposure to chlorine can make the swimsuits fit much looser than its standard size and fitting. Do not waste your money on the swimsuits that get fade and old in a very short period of time. The chlorine resistant swimsuit contains a greater segment of polyester fabric, which is denser considerably than other fabrics. Thus, these swimsuits do not make their natural fit loose with time.


Chlorine also affects the coloring of swimsuits and they start looking old in a very short period of time. This only applies with conventional fabric swimsuits or cheap swimsuits. But chlorine resistant swimsuits do not fade easily with the help of their high-quality fabric. Thus, there are no side effects of chlorine on these swimsuits either in or out of the water. Chlorine resistant swimsuits provide 30% more resistance from chlorine than that of conventional swimsuits. After all at the time of buying swimsuits, you could go for the colors, you love. In fact, if you want to flaunt your body at swimming pools then you should choose the swimsuits very carefully.

Rip resistant

Well, accidents are inevitable any sports activity but it can be very irritating when you get your new swimwear obstruct in something and it gets ripped. Chlorine resistant swimsuits are made up from fabric, which also rips resistant because polyester fiber does not let threads come out and stuck in something. These suits are so well made that there is a zero chance of them getting ripped.

Reasonable Cost

A swimsuit, which has numerous useful properties, cannot come in a normal swimsuit’s cost but it is not so much costly than other suits. If you buy them from a high-class fashion retailer or big time swimsuit seller, you will have to pay only 10-15% greater amount than normal swimsuits. But be careful about buying chlorine resistant swimsuits from a retailer who does not have expertise in swimsuits. You can get yourself fooled and pay a higher amount for a normal swimsuit mistaking it as a chlorine resistant swimwear. By buying from a high-class fashion street retailer, you will be sure about one thing that your swimsuit is not going to fade tore or get loose with time.

Which swimsuit will you consider buying now?

After reading the properties of chlorine resistant swimsuits, one can understand why the consideration of swimsuit’s fabric is important. Leave the color; leave the prints but your top priority at the time of buying a swimsuit must be the fabric only. Your chief goal at the time of buying a swimwear must be buying a swimsuit with a fabric, which prevents your skin from the harms of chlorine. Thus, you will attain your chief goal of enjoying swimming without any disturbances and causing no harm to your skin. In conclusion, it must be clear that paying a little much for chlorine resistant swimsuits is profitable. Rather than paying for swimsuits, which put your skin and body at stake.