Conservative Beach Clothing; Who Should Wear And Why?

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Jan 2016

Most people dread the idea of wearing conservative clothing. Not all women welcome this idea especially the fashion conscious type of women. A small amount of women however wouldn't move out of their houses to go anywhere without making sure they are all covered up properly. But what about the rest? Some view wearing conservatively is somewhat not attractive or makes them laid back as far as fashion is concerned. What these same people forget is that conservative wear is the new modesty, not only does wearing conservatively give you a respectable place in the society, it makes you feel comfortable in whichever place you wish to go.

Why should you wear conservative clothing? Is it a matter of choice, age or sex? Who should wear conservative clothing? Men, women or even kids? Where should we wear conservative clothing? Well, all these questions are quite easy to answer. In this article however I wont be talking about wearing conservative clothing, I will be focusing on conservative beach clothing. Why do people choose to wear conservatively around the beaches? Are they shy or hiding their flaws? Do people wear for fun or is it because of cultural of religious values? Lets find out.

There are so many reasons as to why people choose to wear conservative clothing around the beaches. The reasons can vary from avoiding too much sun exposure due to fear of skin damage, skin cancer or any other medical reasons preventing them from exposing themselves to the sun to either avoiding too much attention due to extreme exposure. That's not all, there are so many reasons behind wearing conservative clothing at the beach. Some admit to wearing conservatively due to either religious or cultural beliefs in which too much exposure is not allowed. Some countries also have tough laws and prefer their women and even men wear conservatively not only around beaches but also away from the beaches.

To non religious people or countries where their is no ban whatsoever, wearing conservative clothing is entirely a personal decision. Some choose to wear conservatively because they are self conscious about their body shape, size or they are just shy and prefer wearing clothing that makes them comfortable to avoid unnecessary attention. While others wear conservative clothing just for modesty or to hide unsightly marks or scars resulting from surgeries, accidents or even birthmarks.

Wearing conservative clothing at the beach is entirely a personal choice. But ask anyone anywhere about who should wear conservative clothing at the beach and why, the answer will always be the woman. Nobody will ever mention a man nor a kid, but a woman. Reason? Women attract more attention than men. What women wear affects how the whole society thinks about them. It not only affects what people think, but how they perceive of such kind of woman. Women earn more respect from all people around them when they are conservatively dressed unlike when they are all exposed.

When people talk about women wearing conservative clothing, age also comes into their minds. What young girls wear at the beach should be very different from what mature older women wear. It is just right for older women to wear conservative clothes but this does not mean that young girls should wear what they want, what this means is that they should wear what makes them feel comfortable and wear what is allowed according to their cultural beliefs, religious beliefs and values.

There are so many conservative beach clothing out there depending on one's sense of style and preference for both men and women. Most modest conservative beach wear covers the thighs, bust areas and midriff. While most swimwear stores cater for women or men with perfect bodies, today many swimwear stores are filled with different kinds of swimwear to cater for those who wish to be conservative. Some are created for specific religious sects like Muslims who have a special head to toe swimsuit called burqini which comes in various sizes to fit both medium, slim and plus size women.

Other people wishing to be conservative are also not left out. Some choose to wear full leggings to cover their legs to two piece full body suits. Swim-dresses are also a good option since they are floral and are stretchy fitted with a knee length legging for maximum cover up. Men wishing to cover up always opt for vests and knee length shorts which are also not too tight.

In conclusion, conservative beach wear should be a personal choice. As long as one is in line with their cultural beliefs, religious beliefs or values, what we wear should not determine who we are. What matters most is that we wear clothes that make us feel comfortable and also make others feel comfortable around us. The whole idea is about respecting yourself and the people around you.