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Coopers Beach - Southampton - New York

Posted by ecostinger on 31st Jan 2015

Coopers Beach is a stunning white sandy beach. The visitors will enjoy resting on the white sandy shore. It is great for fishing and plenty of attractive beaches and the Carrington golf course make it an ideal holiday destination. Surfing and body boarding is welcome outside of swim areas.

Residents of Southampton park at the beach for free, but non-residents must pay. If you're a non-resident, you can also purchase seasonal passes.

As almost all beaches problem is the parking and passes are limited, so you'll need to scramble for parking spaces. Arrive early and your chances of finding a space are greatly enhanced.

The serenity of salty ocean breezes and unspoiled sands is a perfect blend of sprawling beaches, private estates and just enough places in New York must be seen. Facilities at Coopers Beach include a concession stand, bathhouse, and chair and umbrella rental.

Cooper's is the town's main beach and it's mostly kid-friendly, with an on-duty lifeguard and a bathhouse with restrooms, showers and food. The beach gets crowded during tourist season and it remains a favorite among families. It is a central point of arts and culture that keeps families coming back for more.

This is how Dr. Beach describes Coopers: “As the first ‘Gold Coast’ in the country.