Countries opening up for tourist in 2021 after covid-19

Posted by ecostinger on 7th Oct 2021

Countries opening up for tourist in 2021 after covid-19

It is predicted that in 2021, countries will be opening up for tourism again. This has been widely anticipated by many people who are interested in seeing what the world looks like. The country's that are expected to open up their borders include:


it is one of those countries that is opening for tourism in 2021 after the covid 19. Bermuda is growing in popularity and has a rich culture and great beaches for tourists to enjoy. Tourists will be able to visit the Capital Hamilton and Albuoy's Point Lighthouse and many other attractions.


it is a country that will open its doors once again to tourism in 2021. Croatia is a fascinating country because of its location and history. With a population of 58 million and a rich history of culture, the country is expected to boom in tourism.


Egypt is also opening up to tourists in 2021. After experiencing various terrorist attacks in recent times, this country was closed off for tourists; however, things are gradually changing for the better. The pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx are just two of many attractions that will attract tourists to explore this country.


Estonia is another exciting country that will open its doors once again in 2021. Amongst other tourist attractions, it's worth mentioning the old town of Tallin, which through time has been added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. The Old Town is excellent, and tourists will be sure to enjoy it.


France is also opening up for tourists in 2021, which will entice many people to travel abroad again. One of their most visited cities? Paris, of course, is where you can visit various iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame.


Ireland is also opening up for tourists in 2021. Ireland has the same population as Malta which is 4 million people. The country has many tourist attractions, but their most popular by far is the Giant's Causeway. Other attractions include the Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange (one of Ireland's oldest historical monuments), and Blarney Castle, which you need to kiss to get the 'gift of the gab.'


The Maldives is also opening up to tourists in 2021. Situated near Sri Lanka, this beautiful country is known for its multitude of beaches and islands that you can visit and enjoy some sunbathing and swimming. It's also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, so it will be interesting to see how this new change affects the tourism industry there.


Mauritius is another trendy tourist destination that has remained closed for the past few years. The attractions include Grand Bassin, which is home to a lake where Hindus go to bathe, and other beautiful places like the Blue Penny Museum and the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden. It's perfect for honeymooners and those looking to get away from it all and relax on a gorgeous island (or several).


it is another of the most exciting countries that are opening up again for tourists in 2021. The country has rich history and culture, which you can learn about at places such as Ephesus, Troy, and the Basilica Cistern, to name a few. The Blue Mosque is a great tourist attraction as well as the Grand Bazaar.


All of these countries are opening their borders for tourists in 2021, but not all of them have the same restrictions. Knowing about each country's policies will help you decide on which destination to visit.