Finland is quite different culturally compared to the other Nordic European countries!

Posted by ecostinger on 18th Sep 2018

The nation of Finland is bordered by Russia, Norway, and Sweden to the east, North and west respectively. Finland covers a great area of undefined nature. It is located in the North of Europe and approximately 10% of its land mass has lakes.

The North of Finland showcases the Northern lights in the summer during the midnight sun and also in winter. This nation is very technologically advanced however Finns during the summer months prefer to go to cottages, go swimming etc.

Finland is quite different culturally compared to the other Nordic European countries.


Finland, Unlike its Nordic neighbors, has a lot of low plains mixed with lakes and small hills. The highest level in the country is the Fell Haiti, which is raised up to 1.328 meters. Filled with 10% of lakes, it is nicknamed as a land having a thousand lakes. This makes Finland a splendid choice for lovers of fishing and boating. The architecture of the capital, Helsinki is very Scandinavian, and has a lot of historical structures that would fascinate tourists.


The climate of the country is quite mild due to the Gulf Stream influence in moderation. Nevertheless, during the winter the temperate can drop to as low as 30C and even drop further to -40C in certain areas.

The summertime months, have a much more desirable climate of 23C, rarely reaching up to 30 C, this period remains the most proficient time to visit. July, however, is the month is the warmest weather so it's important to go out with sun protection if outdoor activities are planned.

It Is fascinating to note that at certain periods of the year, southern Finland doesn't experience darkness and the famed midnight sun is seen.


Both Swedish and Finnish is spoken in Finland as official languages. 5.6% of the population of Finland speak Swedish, while 90% speak Finnish. However, in the day to day experience, Finnish is the most used. Signboards and Posters are all written in Finnish so visitors may find it a little difficult to understand as the language is unique from its European neighbors.

Sights and Activities

Finland has numerous sights, ranging from historical to natural. Major sites include the Turku, the great archipelago surrounding it, which is viewed in a large ferry car. In eastern Finland, visitors will get thrilled by the numerous lakes which number up to 60,000 and an equal count of islands. Also, the famed northern lights are worth a visit from travelers.

There are a lot of activities that can be done in Finland, with the majority of them being outdoors such as hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating, so it is important for visitors to take enough sun protection to prevent UV damage.

Finland is a unique country compared to its neighbors and certainly has a lot of thrill awaiting visitors and tourists. With a wide range of activities to offer and a rich, diverse culture. The country will also provide history lovers with a lot of fascinating facts about the region, and also lovers of nature will surely not be left behind as Finland provides gorgeous picturesque landscapes.

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