Germany, History, Location, and Places to Visit during summer

Posted by ecostinger on 12th Nov 2017

Officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, Germany is located in the Western Europe bordering the North Sea between Poland and France. With an area of about 357,021km sq., Germany is a bit smaller than the Montana state. Bordering the Baltic Sea and Denmark, Germany shares its entire southern boundary with Austria and Switzerland.

As one of the largest countries in Europe, Germany encompasses a wide range of landscapes including the sandy plains of the north, sheer mountains of the south and the forested hills of the west. At the spiritual heart of this country, there is Berlin which is a magnificent city. With a thriving economy, thousands of tourists are drawn by its culture, history, and cuisine. Although Germany is an ancient name, the German nation came into existence only after the 19th century when the prime minister brought together many German-speaking kingdoms, cities, principalities, and duchies to form the German empire in 1871

The constitution that was adopted by West Germany in 1949 created the federal system of the government. Before this, there was 11 West German Lander but with the accession of East German 16 lander was brought about. Previously, matters such as foreign affairs and defense were done by the central government at both the federal and the state levels. Much of the country’s success after the World War 2 can be attributed to their self-sacrifice and industriousness. As a country, they place a high value on their culture and leisure and enjoy the benefits of a liberal democracy that has now become more integrated.

Places to visit in Germany during summer

Saxon Switzerland

This place is situated close to Dresden. Although this side of the country is supposed to be flat, it's a hilly climbing area that’s suitable for mountain climbers who do not have enough time to visit the Bavarian Alps. More so, it is full of unbelievable beauty. It features hills and different landscapes.


Located in the northernmost part of Germany, this place is actually known as the Queen of the North Sea. Although lovers of Heligoland or Lindisfame may not agree, this place has some of the best beaches. It has almost 40 km of perfect beaches. With its handy child-friendly restaurants, it’s ideal for family outing. You can spend your day at the beach by watching a lovely sunset from Rotes Kliif before getting into some of the bars and restaurants to order a tasty cuisine.

Bavarian Alps

These are a range of mountains located in the state of Bavarian. While here during the summer you can either go mountain climbing or hiking if you like. You can also enjoy viewing beautiful landscapes full of mountain peaks, forests, and even lakes. There are also several tourist attractions that you can visit in this place.


This Baltic island covers only 17 kilometers but is actually one of the best. Once you leave your vehicle behind, you can go on a bike, horseback, or foot. Its north coast is made up of one long sandy beach full of sand dunes. Next to Vitte there is a gently shelving beach that makes it the family favorite. If you are a bird watcher, you can also spot some rare species of birds.


Having a good beach full of fine sand, this place is situated where river Warnow flows into the Baltic. While sitting on the beach on a warm sunny day watching cruise ships, you might think that you are in the Caribbean. This places normally draws alot tourists because of its breach and its glorious Rhododendron Festival that’s held every month in May.

Well, those are some of the places to visit in Germany during summer. By visiting and exploring the country, you will also learn a lot about their culture and history.