Healthy Eating In Summer: 9 Best Foods To Take During Summer

Posted by ecostinger on 18th Aug 2016

For most individuals, summer means spending plenty of time outdoors soaking up the warm sunny weather surrounded by family and friends. However as much as you might be enjoying yourself, it is important to note that proper nutrition should also be observed during this glorious season. The hot sun and high temperatures can have a negative impact on not only your skin but also your body’s internal mechanism and as such, it would be in your best interest to embrace healthy eating in summer

This said, the following is an overview of some of the best foods considered an integral part of healthy eating in summer


Nothing can be as welcoming during summer as fresh sweet corn and for good reason. Corn is rich in 2 very important anti-oxidants: zeaxanthin and lutein. These anti-oxidants helps in formation of a macular pigment within the eye that helps filter out harmful rays from the sun

The same anti-oxidants also significantly lower the risk of an individual developing age-related maculation: a leading cause of blindness during old age

In view of this, ensure you supplement your meals with a cob or two of corn in order to protect your eyes from the bright summer sunlight


During summer, sunscreen is considered as a must have accessory but did you know that tomatoes also help give extra protection for your skin. Tomatoes are rich in a compound known as lycopene: lycopene makes tomatoes red, which has the capacity to protect an individual’s skin from the suns damaging rays. As such ensure you incorporate plenty of tomatoes in your diet this summer


One of the most common problems experienced during summer is dehydration. As a norm, we tend to sweat a lot because of the heat and in more than one occasion, most people get carried away and forget to rehydrate.

The good news though is that you do not have to drink water, you can also eat it. Watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits in the planet and it also has an additional catch: it is rich the all-important skin-protecting lycopene

Iced tea

A tall glass of iced tea during summer can be a great idea but did you know that iced tea can also do our body a lot of good?

For starters, iced tea is considered as the best option when compared to other high sugar energy drinks. It also has additional health benefits associated with it one of the most notable being the abundance of anti-oxidants known as flavonoids which lowers the risk of diabetes while helping one develop stronger teeth and bone structure


Raspberries are another great alternative when it comes to healthy eating in summer. Raspberries are energy packed and have one of the highest energy levels and as such are essential when it comes to providing the necessary energy to carry out summer activities

Raspberries are also rich in a soluble fiber known as pectin which not only helps to lower blood cholesterol but also helps in weight loss


As odd as it may sound, coffee is also considered as one of the best beverages for summer and as such, features prominently in the list of foods for healthy eating in summer

Why is this? Well, the risk of developing skin cancer is very high during summer due to the simple fact that the sun rays are stronger during this season and most individuals tend to stay out in the sun for long periods of time during summer. Coffee has the capability of reducing the risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer by up to 10 percent and as such, is a highly recommended beverage during this season


Oranges are rich in potassium and as such feature prominently in the list of best foods for summer. You tend to lose potassium when sweating and as a result you the low levels of potassium put you at a higher risk of developing muscle cramps. In view of this, ensure you load up on oranges during this summer holiday


Yoghurt not only has useful bacteria but is also considered as one of the best foods for filling up an empty stomach. In view of this, ensure you carry a packet or two of yoghurt during summer so as to avoid eating unhealthy barbecue in the event you get hungry

Dark green vegetables

Dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin A which helps protect the skin from sun damage. They also decrease the body’s sensitivity to UV light. As a rule, you should always take raw or mildly steamed veggies so as to get the most nutrients out of the vegetables

Embrace healthy eating in summer by incorporating the above mentioned foods in your diet and you are assured of having an enjoyable, healthy summer

Seek shade and ensure the skin is protected against the sun UV radiation around the clock.