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Posted by ecostinger on 12th Sep 2017

Spring and summer destinations in Europe are countless. Extending from golden sandy beaches with palms and emerald waters to wild and beautiful, isolated coasts, and from magnificent valleys and vineyards to lush forests and mountains, European nature is extraordinary. It also has many islands; some of which have a unique, stunning natural beauty and scenic. Both the European countryside and the European islands are attracting millions of travelers every year. And of course, there are several cities all over Europe; each one with its own fascinating history and culture. France and Spain keep top scoring travel lists everywhere as they have great landscapes' diversity and they offer many activities for different tastes.

France is a global favorite as it literally has something for everyone. Its famous and avant garde capital, Paris, is a visitor's magnet year round. A trend-setting metropolitan city with powerful economy and productions, full of incredible art everywhere with an old-flair twist. And then there is a splendid countryside with lush valleys and magnificent natural settings. Picturesque and lavish Provence, full of colors and blooming in spring, magnificent Champagne with its famous vineyards, Bordeaux with its delicious wines and cheese and other areas in the French countryside. For winter sports and ski lovers, Southern France is widely popular along with their glamorous winter resorts. And for those who love the summer version of this wonderful country, there is the French Riviera, Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, etc are some of the glamorous season hits. Because of its scenic diversity, France is always a nice place to visit. Enjoy the unique French vibe as much as you can; it is a great experience. Indulge yourself with a refreshing spring getaway in French countryside; enjoy a memorable time in the country with relaxation, natural beauty, fascinating odours and local delicacies. A truly rejuvenating experience which you can get at great deals if you plan it ahead. Or if go in spring and early summer.

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Also known as the city of lights, the capital city of France has lots of attractive things for the tourists to see. The beautiful city of Paris is a famous spot for couples on their honeymoon. It is considered the most romantic city of all. While there you can stay in one of the many luxury self catering apartments or holiday villas in the capital.

The best way to find out all about Paris is to visit one or several of its museums, consisting of more than seventy. You can purchase one single ticket that allows entry to all of them. The Eiffel Tower is the most popular landmark in Paris. Apart from this, Paris is visited for the Lachaise Cemetery, Catacombs, Sainte Chappelle, Chateau de Versailles and Grande Arche de la Defense. Paris hosts a number of major fashion and sports events throughout the year. Many tourists rent a holiday villa or self catering apartment and use this as a base to explore the locals towns and museums.

The Tour de France is the infamous cycling tournament that takes place that covers most areas of France. The cyclists cover more than 3,000 kilometers. Hundreds of tourists come to France especially to witness the greatest racing event. There are luxurious holiday villas, apartments and cottages all available to rent in France.

Cannes is famous for hosting the annual Cannes Film Festival. Thousands of tourists and local residents gather in the city to get a glimpse of their favorite film star. Every evening during the film festival, film stars from around the world walk the red carpet.

Besides the film festival, Cannes is also famous for its beaches. So, even if you don't get to see the film stars, you can relax on one of the enchanting beaches instead. Iles de Lerins is a place with two beautiful beaches in Cannes. Dotted along the coastline you will find numerous self catering apartments and holiday villas with swimming pools available for rent.

Nice Carnival is yet another exciting event worth visiting. The 10 day festival takes place in Nice every year. It is the combination of parades, street theaters, concerts and food stalls. The carnival has been taking place in France since the middle ages. This is the largest carnival out of them all.

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