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How Autism Spectrum Disorders affect children?

Posted by ecostinger on 3rd Apr 2017

Autism can be referred to as a wide range of conditions characterized by some challenges with repetitive behavior, social skills, and nonverbal communication.

Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that there are varying degrees of autism. One person can be mildly affected and may be able to function in society while another individual may be profoundly affected to such a degree that there is no hope of independent living. With such varying degrees of this disorder, one might expect that there are several underlying causes which increase the chance and severity of autism.

It is accepted that autism is brought about by abnormalities in the structure of the brain or some malfunctioning of the brain. It is considered a neurological disorder. There are several theories about what causes the malfunctioning. One is environmental factors such as toxins in the air, viruses or exposure to chemicals such as mercury.

Another is that autism is hereditary, as it does seem to run in families. However; they have not been able to isolate a gene that causes it. Also, there is evidence that the potential to develop autism also runs in families. But this is only a theory so do not take it as fact before it has yet been established as such.

Autism affects children in many ways. Lack of friends, loneliness, and little support are among the common effects to people with autism. The impact of autism can be devastating due to the challenges it brings. The affected face a lot of challenge trying to fit in the society and this makes them develop stress. Some people may judge them due to their “oddly” behavior because most appear strange or unruly. Children with the disease feel isolated as even their parents avoid taking them to public places.

As a result, their confidence and self-esteem deteriorate as they miss out valuable educational and life experiences other children are granted. Many develop mental health problems while others develop depression.

Autism causes difficulties as the affected are unable to socialize and have a stressful environment. Even their parents may become depressed and emotionally exhausted taking care of their children suffering from autism.

Many children with autism suffer from asthma, other respiratory ailments, and impaired immune systems. It is now hypothesized that exposure to a virus either as a fetus or as an infant might also cause the damage to the immune system which results in autism; of course, this is only a mere theory which tries to search for the core cause of autism.
One thing is agreed on in the medical fields surrounding autism; it is not a mental disorder. It is not caused by psychological problems of the parents or the child. Children are born with the disorder, or they are born with the potential to have it. Early diagnosis can help tremendously. Corrective behavior can be learned, and a certain amount of independence can be established if the problem is caught early. There are now many health centers offering autistic patients programs on how to practice independent living.

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