How To Prevent Skin Abrasion at the Beach And Avoid Skin Irritation?

Posted by ecostinger on 23rd Jun 2019

When visiting the beach there are a number of things to consider when it comes to skin protection. Everyone knows that the sun and sunburns are a big deal, but one important issue often overlooked is how the wind and sand at the beach can cause a great deal of skin abrasion. Getting sand stuck on one's skin can cause irritation, rashes, and even infections if not taken care of! Harsh winds can irritate skin as well. Here are some tips for skin protection at the beach when it comes to wind and sand:

*Baby Powder*

If you need help getting excess sand off while at the beach or once you leave, baby powder can work wonders at making sand come off. It creates a layer of material on your skin that can help make sand practically fall right off.

*Public Shower*

At many beaches there are usually little public showers that you can use (while clothed in a swimsuit) that are fantastic at rinsing off sand before having to get in the car and get skin irritated on a potentially long drive home.


When sitting at the beach and having wind hit you in the face, it can cause a lot of abrasion to sensitive parts of your head such as your ears. Wearing a hat will help reduce the impact of wind upon you, and as a helpful bonus will also offer skin protection from the sun.


When at the beach it of course doesn't make sense to wear sneakers that could be filled with sand, but having some flip-flops or sandals that can easily be brushed or rinsed off can help reduce the abrasion caused from feet walking on coarse sand all day.


No, not winter gloves, but the latex or polyurethane. If you're going to be playing in the sand a lot with your hands (such as if you're building a sand castle) it can be smart to have protection for your hands. Digging away at sand with just your hands can cause all kinds of irritation and gloves can help prevent nasty abrasions to your fingers, palm, or back of your hand.

*Extra Swimsuit*

If you are really getting up in the sand it might be wise to have an extra swimsuit, preferably a sun protection swimsuit example EcoStinger suits, this will allow you to (in a private place) change your outfit full of sand to one that is fresh and not causing a bunch of sand to rub your skin. This also can offer wind protection if you go to the beach in an outfit that doesn't cover as much skin and discover it is a really windy day--then you can change from something like a bikini to a one-piece full body swimsuit and get more skin protection from the harsh winds at the beach.

*Beach Umbrella*

On an extremely windy day it might be wise to have a large beach umbrella to block particularly strong gusts of wind. Just be sure that the beach umbrella is tightly secured so that it doesn't blow away!


When visiting the beach it is important to prevent skin abrasion caused by the wind and sand. Hopefully this list's suggestions will be helpful and contribute to you achieving the best skin protection possible.