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Israel A Prime Destination For Pilgrimages of Multiple Religions

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Sep 2018

Israel is a prime destination for pilgrimages of multiple religions.

There are a number of interesting places to visit like the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Israel is not all about religious sites, you can also see sparkling high rises and beautiful beaches in the city of Tel Aviv.

Geography And Location

Israel is a geographically diverse country. You can see the snow-capped mountains in the north and desert conditions in southern Israel. It shares its boundary with four different countries, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Israel has a 273 km long coastline and it is located close to the Medterranean Sea.

Though Israel is not a huge country, you can see the hills such as Samarian hills, Mount Hebron, Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee. A number of valleys cut through the highlands such as Jezreel Valley. Israel's Jordan Rift valley is a small part of the Syrian East-African Rift. Jordan is Israel's largest river which is 200 miles long and it originates in the Baniyas.

The Negev Desert in Israel is spread across 12,000 kilometers and it is an extension of the Sinai desert. It covers more than half of the total area of the country.

Climate Of Israel

Israel lies in a subtropical region, i.e., between the tropical and the temperate zone. Israel's coastal regions have the Mediterranean climate with dry summers and rainy winters.

Rainy season begins in the month of October and continues until May.

The areas in the southernmost parts of Israel have a good climate for beach vacation throughout the year. Heavy snowfalls occur in the northern regions. The Golan Heights, the areas around Mt. Hermon remains covered by snow from December to March.


Jews make more than the three-fourths of the population and Israeli-Arabs make up the most of the minority. There are divisions within the Jewish community. About half of the Jews consider themselves to be secular while adhering to some traditions. The orthodox Jews live mostly around the cities like Bnei Brak and Jerusalem,

Tips For Travelers

- When you visit Israel next time, don't forget to see the western wall, stroll through Mea Shearim, float in the Dead Sea, explore Haifa and admire the Bauhaus architecture.
- Christian and Jewish holidays influence the low and high seasons in Israel. Despite being extremely hot, the summers bring plenty of tourists to the country.
- No matter what time of the year you visit the country, you will most likely visit the beaches to enjoy sunny holidays. Wear a hat, protective clothing, sunscreen on the skin and sunglasses for sun protection. You need to protect yourself from the blistering heat waves in the country.
- Israel is quite expensive, so don't expect to travel the country on a tight budget. Everything from the beer, groceries, street food to hotels, bars, car-rentals is expensive.

Final Words

Israel is not a huge country by size but it has a lot to offer to the travelers. From the ancient monuments to modern infrastructure, mountains to deserts, beaches to snowfall, Israel has it all.

Make sure you carry proper sun protection aid for yourself as the winds are extremely hot, dry and sandy.

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