Malta is the island on which the famous Biblical Apostle Paul suffered a shipwreck!

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Sep 2018

Malta is an island country on an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 50 miles south of Italy, 207 miles north of Libya, and 176 miles east of Tunisia. The country has a total area of just 122 square miles and a population of under 500,000 , which makes it one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. Valleys is the nation's official capital and at about 0.3 square mile, it is the smallest capital in the EU by area.

Official Languages -Maltese (national language) -English

Common Language -Italian (spoken by about 66% of the population)

Ethnic Groups -95% Maltese -5% non-Maltese

Religion -Roman Catholic (89%) -11% (others including the Greek Orthodox Christians)

Largest City -Birkirkara (over 22,000 inhabitants)

Major Cities -Valleta -Qormi -Rabat -Bormla -Zebbug -Zejtun -Zabbar etc

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: CET

Geography Malta is a group of islands completely surrounded by water. Only the 3 largest islands: Malta, Comino, and Gozo are inhabited. The uninhabited islands include the St. Paul's Islands, Cominotto, Manoel Island, Dellimara Island, and Filfla.

The various bays along the indented coastlines provide natural harbors.

The landscape of Malta features high hills and terraced fields. The highest point of 830 feet is found at the Ta' Zuta Plateau on mainland Malta. Of course, the lowest point is 0 feet in the Mediterranean Sea.

Coastline 123 miles total coastline if the 35 miles for Gozo is excluded.

Climate Malta has a mainly Mediterranean type of climate, with her hot summers and mild winters. Snowfall is very rare on the island and the last reported case was in 2014.

Sunshine duration (hours) is estimated to be 3,000 per year. This is double the figures for most cities in northern Europe. For comparison: London has about 1,461 hours of sunshine per year on the average.

Urbanization According to the EU, "Malta" is a single urban region". The population is concentrated in "Valleta" (the capital) and "Gozo".

Tourism & Travel Malt is a very popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. It welcomes over 1.6 million tourists every year and over two-third of these are international travellers.

The country has fascinating place in world history as a center of historic events that shaped our humanity.

Malta is the island on which the famous Biblical Apostle Paul suffered a shipwreck. There are sites on the island to celebrate the connection with the important Christian figure.

The Island of Malta also played a major part in the Medieval Christian Crusades and the struggles between Europe and the Islamic Civilization.

There are also relics of the time spent on the island by Napoleon.

In fact, you can never have a dull moment as a tourist in Malta.

Some of the most iconic places to visit in Malta include:

-The Arcadian island of Gozo with its medieval town of Victoria.

-Medieval Hilltop City of Mdina with its Cathedral of St. Paul. -Neolithic Cult Site of Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

-The Blue Lagoon of Comino: A perfect swimming pool for tourists. -Prehistoric Temples of Tarxien.

-The Mnajdra Temples.

-Prehistoric Megalithic Site of Hagar Qim Temples etc.

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