Norway is a great destination for the nature lovers!

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Oct 2018

Norway is a great destination for the nature lovers. No matter which city you fly into, you can hike to enjoy the breathtaking views all around. If you are visiting the country during the summers, you can just bring your tent and camp anywhere. There are plenty of campgrounds in Norway and many of them have cabins for those who don't want to sleep in a tent.

Geography And Location

Norway is the northern-most Scandinavian country and it is located on a peninsula it shares with Sweden in northern Europe. It is well-known for the fjords that have tall mountains on both sides. Norway has large unpopulated areas and a number of national parks.

Norway has some of the most amazing waterfalls of the world in the mountainous region. You can also visit the open spaces in the far north of the country.

Climate Of Norway

Norway's climate is milder than the other regions of the far-north. The snow melts quickly in Norway and the warm gulf stream keeps the seaports of the country free from the ice. Snow covers the land for more than three months and to enjoy warm summers, you can go to the southeastern region of the country.

The coastal regions enjoy the most rain showers and the precipitation varies between 500-3000 mm every year. Norway enjoys continuous daylight during the summers, especially in the north. The southern region of the country only gets 6 hours of daylight during the winters.


Norway is extremely sparsely populated with just 5 million people living in the country. The indigenous people live mostly in the northern part of the country. Norwegians are very individualistic people and toughened by the harsh climate.

In 2012, the government separated from the Church and it is no longer a Christian country. The Church attendance remains below 5% and the country does not have an official religion. Norwegians are pretty relaxed when it comes to the moral issues and the same-sex marriage was legalized in 2008. People from the rural areas of southern Norway are a little conservative.

Tips For Travelers

- You will need to carry heavy woolen clothes during the winters and lightweight warmers in the summers.

- You should be prepared for the extreme weather changes in Norway and waterproofing is necessary, no matter what time of the year you visit the country.

- Air travel is quite cheap in Norway which makes it pretty affordable for the travelers to satiate their wanderlust.

- If you are looking forward to getting a sunbathe in Norway, make sure that you carry good sun protection aids in your kit. Wear good sunglasses and a good sunscreen as the UV index can reach up to 5 on a sunny day.

To Sum Up

Norway is a beautiful country with breathtaking waterfalls, national parks and fjords with mountains on both sides. The snow melts quickly in Norway and the overall climate is milder than the other far-north regions.

Most people have a liberal mindset and Norwegians are highly individualistic. People are free to choose their own religion and Norway does not have an official religion