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South Korea has become a primary destination with its beaches!

Posted by ecostinger on 16th Sep 2018

For many people traveling to Asia, South Korea has become a primary destination. With its beaches, to its huge mountain-ranges, the beauty of the nation is within any travelers grasp if they wish to see it.

Located in Central-Asia on the lower half of the Korean peninsula, the country has recently become synonymous with skin-care and beauty, focusing on the removal of any blemishes and highlighting the attractiveness of the people itself as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Holding four major geographical separations, it’s vast mountain ranges in the east leak into the south-west, down to it’s more lowly-lying areas in its north-west and south-east. With over 3000 islands in the South Korean nation, UV-rays from the ocean often raise temperatures and can cause damage to the skin if exposed.

Since most of South Korea is mountainous, the elevation of the country puts many individuals living in the country at risk of an over-abundance of sun exposure. Not only this, with skin-care being hailed as one of the most important aspects of self-care in South Korea, it’s only right that individuals learn what works for them.

Therefore, adequate sun-protection is most important.

The climate in South Korea

Broken up by the Japan sea, and then the Yellow sea, often the East Asian monsoon affects varying temperatures within the country. Despite this, the country is unaffected by most of the typhoons that sweep through the area and cause torrential rains (often only happening 3-4 times a year for a prolonged period).

This causes much of the climate to have an almost tropical-like quality during the months of April through September, and then a much colder temperature for the rest of the year.

This long period of �hotness’, coupled with the varying of different climates the further you get from the ocean, promotes a steady temperature that can prove damaging to an individual’s skin if not taken care of correctly. Dangers of lacking Sun-Protection

Most sun-protection creams that come with an SPF of 15 or higher can normally protect anyone applying their use against the dangerous UV rays that could lead to the problems listed above.

Many who do not protect themselves could potentially experience short-term consequences such as damage to your vision, or severe sun-born. Prolonged exposure could even lead to skin cancer, or worse diagnoses that would’ve been prevented had adequate protection been taken.


As most South-Koreans become more concerned about the state and appearance of their skin, more are turning to ways to protect themselves against the sun.

As a result of this, and the culture in South Korea today, the quality of sun-protection products is often much higher than those found in western markets. Effectively, many South Koreans are able to get a better, longer-lasting product for their skin than other traditional brands. This, with South Korea’s beautiful landscape, opens up the doors for adventure because this something that is known by a number of people who are concerned in this!.

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