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Posted by ecostinger on 11th Sep 2017

Norway is mainly a vast sparsely populated country whose population is less than five million people. The country’s topography, fjords, mountains, and lakes, among much more, are just captivating. Consequently, Norway’s various sites, holiday seasons and destinations attract thousands of local and foreign visitors every year. While the county is renowned for its fjords, the beaches are equally (if not more) fascinating. There are roughly three months when the water at the beaches is sufficiently warm for swimming. Despite being located near the North Pole, the climate in Norway is relatively temperate. Below are some of the most attractive holiday destinations; 

1. Scenic Landscape The main tourist attractions in Norway are the country’s landscape and nature. The country has an abundance of islands, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and coastline. To get the best out of this country, one needs to allocate enough time to the various exciting cities, historic sites and beaches. Surprisingly, attractions are not restricted to particular localities but instead include everything along the way. The most beautiful landscapes may not necessarily be in the major cities and national parks; 

2. Lillehammer Lillehammer is one of the country’s best-known year-long tourist destination thanks to the many attractions that include Malhaugen Park; an outdoor museum that consists of over 100 historic structures. The buildings in this ultimate tourist attraction include an Eighteenth Century farmhouse, a stave church, and workshops. Lillehammer situated above Lake Mjosa near the south end of Gudbrandsdal Valley dates the early 1700s. When the snow melts, the locality tantalizingly shines making it your ultimate summer holiday in Norway. 

3. Beaches With an incredibly long coast line extending about 25,000 kilometers, Norway has a multitude of stunning beaches. For instance, there are several top-rated beaches around the city of Stavanger alone include Hellesto Beach, Godalen Beach and And Orrestranda Beach. Hellesto features sunbathing, swimming and yearly kite festival. Godalen, located few minutes from Stavanger CBD has a playground, on the other hand, barbecue facilities besides being part of a popular hiking area in the vicinity of Gandsfjorden. There are other gorgeous speeches in Oslo city area, Selfe and other regions of the country. 

4. Fjords Undoubtedly Norway’s most famous attraction, Fjords is the most predominant landscape feature found in several areas of the country. Many tourists rush to Flam and Geiranger where the most famed Fjord are. However, since the attraction is available in virtually all parts of the country, one need not travel long distances to these sites to experience the thrill of fjords; just identify those that are close to your dream attraction sites, and you’ll get the same magic experience. 

Evidently, Norway is such a scenic country that requires enough time and flexible schedules. It is full of lovely beaches, mountains, fjords and charming holiday destinations to visit, unwind and spend holidays. Besides, Norway is a modern country that contains a good road and railway network that facilitate well-organized expedition and transport services. During summer seasons, the entire of Norway records nearly 24 hours of daylight giving you plenty of time to absorb the beautiful scenery.

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