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Posted by ecostinger on 11th Sep 2017

We all know Singapore for its lowest crime rate amongst all the countries in the world and also as a wonderful tourist destination. Being one of the busiest ports in the world, Singapore attracts a huge number of vacationers every year. In fact, over 50% of the area in this country is covered by greeneries. In case you are contemplating to spend your summer holiday in Singapore then go through the subsequent paragraphs to justify your decision. 

Some of significant points of interest in Singapore are as follows: 

Sentosa This particular tourist attraction is situated only 15 minutes from the main city and it houses some fantastic spa retreats, sandy beaches, lush rainforests, resort accommodations, world-class golf courses, luxurious residences and so forth. Covering in excess of 500 hectares, this attraction in Singapore is ideal for leisure as well as business.

Singapore Zoo Formerly recognized as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the Singapore zoo covers an area of 69 acres and was built by the Singapore government spending a considerable amount of money. Being operated by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Singapore zoo is home to approximately 315 species of wild animals among which about 60% fall in the category of threatened species. About 1.8 million visitors visit this fabulous zoo every year. 

Incredible beaches While you're in Singapore you will find it really hard to choose the appropriate beach for spending a leisure time. However, the Palawan Beach situated on Sentosa Island is one which you simply cannot ignore. Here you'll come across some mind blowing and shady grassed terraces where you can easily unwind from the hustles and bustles of the city life. 

Those individuals who would prefer to experience some more active outdoor pursuits should make it a point to visit the Tanjong Beach Club where they can easily attend an exciting beach party or even have a short stroll on the beach with the azure vast ocean ahead of them. Apart from these aforementioned attractions, there is also the magnificent Siloso beach which is usually overcrowded along with a plethora of shops, bars, and eateries. 

Sengkang Swimming Complex It is hardly surprising that one of the most well-liked activities in Singapore happens to be swimming. This Sengkang Swimming Complex is ideal for any kid to learn swimming along with the facilities of water slides and other types of swimming fun for the entire family. The lifeguards here keep a close vigil on the kids while they enjoy themselves in the swimming complex. 

Breathtaking lakes There is no shortage of fabulous lakes in Singapore and here we will mention a couple of those. One of these lakes which deserve a special mention happens to be the reputed Jurong Lake which is actually a large freshwater lake covering an area of 70 hectares. Being situated in the western part of Singapore, this lake is encircled by a parkland which is used by the residents of the area as a recreational ground. 

Besides the Jurong Lake, you will also come across the Eco-Lake which is situated within the Singapore Botanic Gardens near the Bukit Timah Road. This particular lake houses a large population of both local and migratory birds.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points of interest in Singapore, there are many more in the city which will keep your entire family engaged during your subsequent summer holidays. Therefore, wait no further and get prepared to have the time of your life in Singapore next summer.

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