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Posted by ecostinger on 13th Sep 2017

If you are looking for summer vacation spots in Japan, you will want to get a sense of what is out there for you to choose from. Sure, you could read an entire tour or travel guide and sift through thousands of vacation destination choices. But, it can be so hard to choose with all of those options! If you are looking for the best summer vacation spots in Japan, here are some suggestions:

Osaka city

Apart from being the commercial hub of Japan, the city of Osaka is also recognized for the performing arts of Kabuki and Bunraku, theme park and an impressive aquarium. Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium are both located in this city.

Shikoku Kyushu and Okinawa islands

Present on the island of Shikoku is the attractive city of Takamatsu; the historical and beautiful Ritsorin Park and the mountain top Kotohira Shrine. The islands of Kyushu and Okinawa also offer a variety of tourist attractions including national parks, caves, coral reefs, clear turquoise seas, excellent beaches, white sands, water sports, hot-sand saunas, hot spring resorts, temples, shrines and amusement parks.

Tokyo national museum

One of the largest museums in the world, the Tokyo National Museum is worth a visit in your summer visit to Japan. There are in all four galleries, filled with art, history and other works from Japan's rich heritage. Sculptures, swords, calligraphy speaking volumes will have you captivated and enthralled in how much Japan has been through.


Known as the Golden Mountains, Kinkasan is known to be one of the three holy places in Tohoku. Until late 19th century, women were not allowed into this place, but now it is open to all those who are seeking peace and tranquility in their lives. A pyramid shape mountain sits in the middle of this place, surrounded by the shrine and other walk trails which one can explore.

An island hidden in the midst of thick forests is where one finds Iriomote Jima. The perfect location for trekking and being one with nature, the tourists can come across wildlife and fascinating living creatures amidst this thicket. Apart from this, the main attractions on this island are the beaches and waterfalls. There are a couple of small towns and villages running within this island, so if you are in an adventurous summer mode, you can explore them, mix with the locals and get a feel of the place.

Palace Park

The Palace Park surrounding the Kyoto Gosho is where all the tourists flock. Perfect for a lazy summer stroll, the scenery and the serene lake around this is mind blowing and beautiful beyond words.

Lastly, consider a trip down to Miyazaki, the capital city of Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan.

This midsize city has a semi-tropical climate, making it a fun destination for those interested fishing, surfing, boating and other water sports. The area features a combination of light industry, suburban residences, and hundreds of square miles of nature including green farmland, forestland, beaches and mountainous regions. For something very different from the Tokyo or Osaka experiences that so many summer travelers to Japan witness, give Miyazaki a try.

Consider these summer vacation spots for your next trip to Japan.

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