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Swimming Sports In America Is Becoming A Popular Water Activity

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Dec 2015

Swimming sports in America has become a great activity. Swimming as a sport allows most people to use their leisure time and at the same time pursue health and fitness interests. Swimming interests Americans of all classes, ages, races and social status. Swimming has brought with it competitions that bring awards to America and to many individuals, swimming is a full time career. Billions are spent in funding the sport since it impacts the economy of the continent. In schools, family and work places, swimming has brought unity in many occasions making Americans to connect and identify with swimming groups.

Swimming sports have their own challenges and opportunities. In America, swimmers have learned to embrace opportunities and overcome challenges for swimming and to look forward to a great future in swimming. USA Swimming is built in three pillars namely: building the base, promoting the sport and achieving. American swimmers hold themselves in high standards and take every opportunity to change the otherwise monotonous sport to an exciting sport. Access to facility is the greatest obstacle but the efforts to contacting new facilities at local levels are the way to go. USA Swimming has been involved in about 125 new pool projects in approximately 37 states and 308 pool renovations. This report therefore shows a great effort towards promoting the sport.

Swimming education is available in the USA. The department of Education is the largest employer of swimming instructors. Every instructor has to have the relevant qualifications to get employment in the program. The instructors also must have a valid National Police history check issued by the police department. Every intern willing to learn swimming has to buy costumes and register in the relevant department. The instructor will help you start and patience is essential in learning swimming. Your health has to check and doctor’s recommendation is necessary to new interns. In case of cold allergies the intern should swim during warm weather.

Just like any other sport, training in swimming is important. One of the quality training is a good nutrition. A learner also has to develop and strengthen your mental muscle son regular basis. Look for help in learning new strokes technique. In case the learner needs to priorities in new styles. You should have a balance of 3 elements fitness, open water specific training and technique. If you swim twice a week you should have this routine

1x Technique orientated

1x Quality session working on your threshold

Each session has to include 3 elements which are open waters training, fitness and techniques. Also it is very important to protect the skin against the sun UVA and UVB radiation, and against Jellyfish and sea lice when in the water, this can be achieved by using sun protection swimsuits that come in a variety of length which fit like second skin and are very comfortable in and out of the waters.

Swimming competition

More and more people get into the water for different reasons. Some people dive in to the water for fitness purposes, as a hobby while others engage in swimming for its competitive nature as a sport. Swimmers in the same age group and levels across all states engage in swimming competition. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are usually won by the leading competitors.

Popular states with swimming sports performance

The state of California is the most popular in swimming sports with 5 cities in the top positions followed by the state of Colorado with about four cities in the top 16 cities.

Washington D.C has also continually improved in rankings and also Florida and Tallahassee cities. Honolulu and Hawaii are two cities which are also seen to move from bottom to top at a very fast pace. Most of the popular cities have become popular for high swimming performance as a result of their strong community involvement, Olympic championship and their level of accessibility.

Well performing states pride in having the highest score in percentage of active swimmers and swim clubs categories, the number of accessible pools in the state as well as the volume of top-level swimmers in the state.

When all these factors are taken into consideration states like Missouri and Columbia emerge top on the performance list.

Swimming sports in the United States of America is increasingly becoming popular as swimmers are getting more skilled and experienced. Access to the right swimming education and training has encouraged most swimmers to get engaged in the sports. States in the USA are having fun competing in the sports and winning awards and moving up the ranks. Popular states are being overtaken by others who are increasing accessibility and community involvement.