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Switzerland is one of the most eye-popping and a dream destination for every person!

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Oct 2018

Switzerland is one of the most eye-popping and a dream destination for every person. Travel to Switzerland, to view the stunning alpine scenery of the country which is located in the heart of Europe. The official languages of Switzerland are German, Italian and English. The literacy rate is approximately 100 percent. Every individual of Switzerland is computer literate. The healthcare service of the country is very outstanding. The total population is about 7.3 million.

Where to visit in Switzerland

There are many fabulous places in Switzerland where one can find a wide range of architecture from the medieval to the modern period. The heritage churches and cathedrals, monuments, forts and castles, steel and grass construction, all come together to justify the unique, stylish cities. There are many beautiful mountains that provide a refreshing tour to the travellers, during their visit to Switzerland. In the mountain ranges, one can enjoy hiking, which is the most popular and exciting event. As the snow starts melting, the Swiss Alps become extremely crowded with the foreign tourists.

The Swiss Alps stands to a height of over 4,000m which have some fabulous peaks in the world. The icy glaciers, snow-capped peaks are some of the attractions of these high peaks. Travel to Switzerland where you can witness some of the high mountain peaks like Matterhorn. The mount Titlis and mount Rigi are some the fabulous places to visit in Switzerland. During your travel in the glacier paradises, you can experience plenty of snowfall. While exploring these places you can experience an exciting ride on an ice flyer. In the ice flyer's one can experience a thrilling excursion of around 130 miles roundtrip in these glacier places. Apart from the Spectacular Alps, this dream destination includes forests to enjoy hiking, lovely lakes, ancient cities and scenic countryside. So you can ensure excellent travel in Switzerland where you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

What to carry for your outdoor activities in Switzerland

1. UV Rated Goggles or sunglasses

The sun shines brightly in a snowy region of Alps, the light reflecting from a snow mountain can damage your eyes. These sunglasses or goggles with 100% sun protection safeguard eyes from getting hurt.

2. Hat

More than 60% of the body heat escapes through the head, so it is important to keep yourself warm in the high altitude of Alps. A quality ski hat or cap will keep you warm even when the temperature goes down to zero degrees. It is advisable to get a nice cap which can also protect your ears.

3. Sunscreen

Being on the slopes for the entire day may leave your skin dry and rough. Protect your skin from sunburn on the bright and sunny day of summers! A good sunscreen lotion can protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays and other radiations.

4. Jacket and pants

For protection against hypothermia and keeping the body warm, a waterproof jacket and pant is a must. These stylish clothing are made from, or PTFE membrane is often laminated with nylon and polyester for improved water protection.

How to travel to Switzerland

There are several airways that make Switzerland accessible. In spite of the air services, there are many trains, buses and cars which ensures splendour services during your travel there. Also, you can take the assistance of travel agents to make your trip more pleasant.


The weather in Switzerland makes it a year-round destination. The best time to visit depends on what you wish to see and do in the country.