Understanding the Significance of Sunscreens and Sun Protection

Posted by ecostinger on 27th Jul 2015

Sunscreen is commonly perceived as something that acts as a shield to protect your skin from damage due to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. At times, we don’t even realize the degree to which our skin may get damaged and prolonged accumulation of sun damage may also lead to something as dangerous as skin cancer! Here, sunscreens act as a saving grace by limiting this damaging exposure as the …
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Guide to Spend a Sunny Day on Beach Smartly

Posted by ecostinger on 21st Jul 2015

With the arrival of summers, every beach lover is hopping onto their vehicles to enjoy the shore and the waves. The golden sunshine and the cool sea waves are desired by every beach goer and due to this reason summer season is long awaited. A picnic at the beach, long hours of indulgence in watersports, a game of volley ball or just lying on the sand for long hours to get the perfect tan is all pe …
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Safety And Protection When On The Beach

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

Even with all the known risks of tanning, it seems many still see it as a must do and so they head off to the beach to enjoy some summer rays. Both men and women feel sexier and healthier wearing the natural glow of a tan. Enjoying your time at the beach can be safe with the right protection. The key to tanning is avoiding a sunburn by making sure your skin is properly protected.&nb …
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