Fun In The Sun - How To Stay Safe And Healthy

Posted by ecostinger on 17th Jun 2016

The sun's UV rays reflect off a variety of different surfaces; even off things such as cement and snow. The sun's UV rays are prevalent even when it is cloudy outside. Keeping these factors in mind, one of the most sure-fire ways's in maintaining maximum protection from the sun's rays is to make a regular habit out of applying sunscreen whenever venturing outdoors. Be sure to reapply it as often a …
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The Best Summer Holiday Destinations in the USA

Posted by ecostinger on 9th Feb 2016

There’s nothing like a well-planned American summer holiday. With the warm weather, summer a vacation in the USA can be a great time to enjoy sun-kissed beaches, hiking, and surfing or if you’re the conservative type, a stargazing expedition at the darkest ends of the Allegheny Mountains could be an experience to relish.If you’re planning to spend you summer holiday in the United States, a visit t …
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Holiday Season And Vacation Ideas

Posted by ecostinger on 30th Dec 2015

The best way to enjoy your holiday is by going out for a vacation. The destination of your destination will be determined by the current season. When it is too cold and snowy, you know that the best destination should be where you can enjoy the snow. Your holiday season vacation should be well spent in order to utilize the time perfectly. The activities that you engage in when on your vacation wil …
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