Stinger Suits

Posted by ecostinger on 15th Aug 2014

Stinger suits also known as stingers or dive skins are commonly made out of thin elastic fabric such as Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester or PBT which is the best material you can find providing excellent uva and uvb protection and protect against Jellyfish stingers and sea lice. These suits are available in all age group from girls and boys age 2 and women sizes starting from size XS and cove …
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Surfing And Surfboard Wax

Posted by ecostinger on 14th Aug 2014

Applying surfboard wax to your board sure helps. The surface of a board is slippery to begin with. Put it in the water and the friction decreases enough that you are constantly falling Off. Surfboard wax is typically made from about 60% paraffin, 15% microcrystalline wax, about 5% petroleum jelly and a little scented dye. Warm water wax may have a bit more wax and less petroleum …
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